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Donni's Originals.  The Rollin' Clones.  Del Clegg - The "Maestro."  Roy the "Piano Man."  80s Pop  

The Rollin' Clones.

This tribute band is the creation of my very good friend, Dylan Harrison. He formed the 'Clones' in April 1997, and became 'Keith Richards.' They played all over the UK and came to Chicago. Their music and showmanship is every bit as good as their idols. Dyl has since given them new management, and is no part of the band. He's now concentrating on songwriting. We hope to work together on some of

  The Rolling Clones
Live Performance
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  17 Times
A story of a girl fed up with hanging on for her man.
17 Times Picture
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  Mixed Emotions
Mixed Emotions Picture
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  Harlem Shuffle
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  Dead Flowers
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Donni's Originals.
The Rollin' Clones.
Del Clegg - The "Maestro."
Roy the "Piano Man."
80s Pop