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Classic Blues  Soft Rock/Boogie  Soul  Donni's Originals.  The Rollin' Clones.  Del Clegg - The "Maestro."  Roy the "Piano Man."  80s Pop  

Donni's Originals.

Donni's own songs (old and new) New updated versions to be added soon.

  Devil's Daughter
80s Pop
Devil's Daughter Picture
Listen to Devil's Daughter
  Sweet Thing
 A song about relationships.
Sweet Thing Picture
Listen to Sweet Thing
  17 Times
17 Times Picture
Listen to 17 Times
  Fine Fine Fine
Donni-Jay sings a Fabulous Thunderbirds classic
Fine Fine Fine Picture
Listen to Fine Fine Fine

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Donni's Originals.
Classic Blues
Soft Rock/Boogie
The Rollin' Clones.
Del Clegg - The "Maestro."
Roy the "Piano Man."
80s Pop