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Donni's Originals.  The Rollin' Clones.  Del Clegg - The "Maestro."  Roy the "Piano Man."  80s Pop  

Del Clegg - The "Maestro."

The premier acoustic guitarist, and banjo player, Del Clegg. This is a recording at one of my guitar lessons with him. He was the Publican of 'The White Hart' in Weston super Mare, where I sang too. His pub was noted for having the best musicians performing there. Some being, Kit Morgan and Steve Payne (who was initially in the 'Parole Brothers' with Del.}

  Del Clegg Live Medley
Del Clegg Live
Del Clegg Live Medley Picture
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Donni's Originals.
The Rollin' Clones.
Del Clegg - The "Maestro."
Roy the "Piano Man."
80s Pop