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The sound of a building site next to a very busy main road describes this RAP stuff.   
Banging noises in a constant rhythm
I have just seen Kanye West on the television and am stunned! How on earth can this stuff be termed as music? Everything sounds the same. They TALK not sing, and just look like some boring drunk wandering about on stage, throwing their arm out repetitively and for no reason! And, there is only so many movements can be done with an arm outstretched pointing at the audience. Bending over and bouncing as they talk to some repetitive beat is nothing worth watching!

There must be something alien that is happening here. No-one who likes music can bear to listen or look at these 'people' who are just trying to act big and be like dictators. In the street they would be passed by as they do not have any separate personalities and actually look so average.

They can be called impersonators of whoever was the first to do this rapping with the fingers pointing and stabbing the air, jumping around like monkies! So I've said it now and I won't apologise. These 'rappers' must be such an embarrassment to every decent respectable person! They are clones of each other and just look so arrogant. But, as they all look the same with their 'performances' and all sound the same with their rhyming and arm and finger antics, they have become impersonators of lunatics.

This is the way people in a mental institution,who might try to sing would look and act. SO, this is all really a rebellion. They have pushed the barrier to see how far they can act stupid and get away with it, and they have succeeded in taking over good common sense. This is the reason entertainment has become so HORRIBLE! People up there with hardly any talent that can be seen, except to be able to memorize words!

I tried to hear the 'music' in rap, but could not at all. I could not hear any chords or the changing of chords, just a repetitive noise or banging and the sound of heavy traffic! Good heavens, how was this rap rubbish ever allowed into the mainstream? And I haven't even spoken of the bad language yet! They like to insult everyone from the stage. They are like bullies who spout and are insulting because they can get away with it. But, if they were alone, they would not say BOO, let alone air such opinions in front of people.

They walk around with gold dangling off them, and the clichéd 'old hat', passée 'sunglasses' for heaven's sake! HOW CRASS! Makes them look like children imitating someone they thought was 'cool.' But, sunglasses was years ago and so very OUT now. Sheesh! Why can't they see what they really look like? They must watch their videos, so how can they not see they look foolish and are repeating gestures, the same ones over and over which make them ineffectual and just look embarrassing? Why can't they see this?

I like music, but not all music. Music has to earn my respect. Rap is NOT music of any kind. Unless you want to call it a 'traffic instrumental.' That is the truth of it. A noisy instrumental, with no tune just the banging which could be off a building site with some drunk spouting words and gesticulating, and looking as if they need to go to the toilet. If they want the reaction I have, which is wanting to shoot them all down as they speak their so-called poetry and poke fingers out, then they've got it from me. Or at least I can hope they break their damn fingers!


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Banging noises in a constant rhythm