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Love at First Sight can Happen!
It seems possible that if a person is being totally honest about how they feel, that they can fall in love with a picture. It depends on how intuitive they are. I actually know a few instances, but can talk of one very near home. In my home to be more factual. My husband. I was in England, he in Chicago. Over the Internet, he saw and fell in love with my picture. He was able to assess who I was, very accurately. He told me it was to do with the 'vibrations' he felt when looking at my picture, and he felt as if he really 'knew' me.

Then, he read most of the writings I had online. He further fell in love with me, due to his opinions being so similar and he liked the strength which flowed straight into his soul. Perhaps, this happens due to us being so compatible. Which is rare in itself. In our case we are very lucky, although my hubby went through hell to get into my heart and make me his wife. He loved me before we met, and it only became stronger. He literally rescued me from a situation, where I was receiving death threats, from an ex husband in England. Because of the mentality of this man, he could have gone through with his threats, and they seemed very serious indeed. The police were involved.

I owe hubby my life, and am pleased to say, my love has grown because of WHO he is, and the amazing human being HE is, and not just out of gratitude to him. On first sight, of his picture and when I saw him in the flesh, I did not feel love for him. My love took a while to grow, but then I have had far more relationships than he has, and have learned to hold back until I see ALL sides of the man. Also, I am not as intuitive as he has proven himself to be, over and over since that time. A problem is that he holds me too high in esteem, and I have to live up to it. Lol! Maybe that is a good thing as I'm sure he has turned me into a better person and, I am kept on my toes!

To be truly 'in love,' is to have unconditional love. It means that even if the one you are in love with suddenly finds happiness and perceives that new love, to be true love, we must let them go and only want their happiness. Oh yes, it will hurt like hell, but bitterness should not come into this. True loving means wanting the best for that person, regardless if it means you losing them. Otherwise, we only have a selfish love, and it is not as deep as we might have thought it was. And, at least you can stay friends, which is a wonderful form of love anyway.

As for men and women, generally saying they fell in love with a picture, some of that could be plain lust. But, it is possible to LOVE many times, for varying reasons. Perhaps, because of the way someone looks or the way their character comes over. I can say that I love all kind, considerate people, even if they have other bad ways. I wait to see how they treat other people, and if they are always kind, trying their best not to hurt anyone, and they are not hypocrites or back stabbers, no matter what other bad tendencies they have, they are good people.

But, to be IN LOVE, is a totally different thing. Precious. Rare. And to be loved in such a way, is an immense honour not to be taken lightly. To be able to be ‘in love’ is also a privilege and a wonderful thing to be able to feel. When I have desperately tried to love someone back in the way they are loving me, I felt guilty and unbelievably sad not to be able to do so. It felt as if something was missing. So, I showed this love, in lesser degrees, to all I came upon in general meeting. Women, respectful men, children and all animals. This took the place of the void I felt inside for not being able to fall 'in love'. Something I have never been able to do, until at the age of 56, meeting this man, who is now my husband.

However, I feel honoured to be loved by anyone, and when someone thinks they are in love with me due to a picture that appeals to them, I am still honoured. Even though I don't need to know their reasons for feeling this way. Stalkers, now that is a totally different thing. They should be dealt with, and swiftly!

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Love at First Sight can Happen!