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The full story will be told at the right time. That is soon to be, and when a lie detector can prove it for me.   
Unbelievable, I know, but it is true.
behold.jpg   Like this! Almost physical in appearance.

I had not long been living in Earl's Court, after leaving a live-in relationship of around three years. I felt lost and had moved there temporarily whilst I sorted myself out. My brother was living temporarily in an apartment there, a couple of floors above the one I rented. I soon noticed the place was full of Arabs, gays, pimps, street girls, transvestites, and Australians. There seemed only to be a handful of Americans and English people. The best thing about the place were the restaurants everywhere one looked and the amazing night clubs. The atmosphere was alive with tension and life, not to mention all the wonderful smells of the foods being cooked. It was exciting, but dangerous.

My friend, a musician lived  in the Edgeware Rd., not far from Marble Arch and Park Lane in London. He phoned and invited me to visit him, which I happily did, and the astonishing evening began.......

                                        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Far more detail will be in my finished autobiography.

(1) ~  I believe many people have experienced similar events, especially, if they ever found themselves in near-fatal danger or confronted with serious illnesses as many times, or more than I have. Many events could have killed me off & often required emergency operations, due to the mis-diagnoses of doctors. Like me, if people have suffered a great deal of trauma or seriously attempted to remove themselves from life, they could also be very perceptible to these encounters.

If you knew my life, you would understand. And,  although some people who knew about my visitation, tried to say it was the devil who came, but no devil can bring such light and love that I & my witness felt and saw that night. Also, from around that time, I seemed not to age much, do not look anywhere near to my age and it has been 29 years or so, ago. There is also documented proof of pictures down through the ages.

Soon, when it is safe for me, all will know more about it. I am not at liberty to say more on the subject just yet, except, it will not be long before more is heard of this experience through the media. Better than through me, as I would just be fodder for ridicule. Why should I set myself up for that? Even David Icke would not believe me!

(2) ~ I 'dabbled' in the arts to a small degree, mainly reading about it in books & like me, those others who dabbled, would likely need to call out from the bottom of their souls for help at some time or another.  Most of my life I have had one type of supernatural encounter or the other. I felt the vision in ‘love & light’ as some type of an angel and He looked just like Jesus did in books and it was ultimate goodness and love. To me, that is who Jesus is, a divine being who still lives. I asked an important question, and received an answer which clarified for me, that man-made religion was not the truth.

That is why I love Jesus, as well as for the previous time when evil came and he saved me. But, I am not religious. You might not be either if you had heard His answer, but at least you would have a great sense of peace. I had needed BIG saving once, a few years earlier, when the portal opened due to me demanding to die above all things, and the equivalent of all the evils we know as the Devil, came to me as a goat slowly climbing out of the carpet and it was on a sunny afternoon. Evil appeared in the guise of a goat…I saw the top of the head, the eyes looking straight at me, the nose. Meanwhile, I just stared with intense interest, as I did not believe this was happening. (I have learned to be calm when this type of supernatural thing occurs.) But, when the hooves and legs started coming out and was nearly to the elbows, I knew I was in trouble.

I did not scream, but from somewhere deep in my soul the word must have come out. I called the name of Jesus. The evil was still growing, I called both of Jesus's names together. 'Jesus Christ' and immediately the goat disappeared. That was my very first experience proving Jesus was really able to hear, when a person's soul was in trouble, and mine must really have been. Although I never had any help through my personal traumas in life, with as much pleading and praying as I used to do, this was proof that my soul belongs to Jesus. I went to look at the part of the carpet where the goat had been, and there was no sign of it. No smell of brimstone, no tear in the carpet, nothing. I was living in a Scottish Laird's mansion at the time, and I left without telling him as he would never have believed me.

 It would take too long to explain here exactly why I know how I opened that portal, and I shall never do it again. I never attempted suicide again either!  I do not expect people to believe me, Christians or non-believers. Why should they? This is why I am going to publish my autobiography after going on a lie detector and will include all my supernatural stories  amongst the rest of my life, which on its own is unbelievable.

(3) ~ I feel fortunate to have seen & had my personal proof, and luckily the second time, I had a witness which helped me realise it was a genuine sighting and not from imagination. This appearance I believe was to even up the negative and positive of what I had gone through previously. We had been deep in conversation about a previous stage performance when the light appeared suddenly, enough to stop us both in our tracks.

The witness was a total disbeliever in anything out of the ordinary, including any religious beliefs. It shook him up really badly, but he knew what he saw and the deep love he felt as I did, permeating every cell in the body. It felt as though I was so saturated with love that I had become intangible, just some type of essence.

We both saw the top half of Jesus, in a white robe flowing down. I looked into his face and through my mind asked a question and heard back, again through my mind. My witness had asked a question too the same way, which had been a personal one, and his was answered too. Mine was a religious question and I was surprised at his answer too, but not as amazed as I felt with my answer. Worse still, I am unable to tell many people about it. Yet.

However, it all made terrific sense to me and I have had great peace ever since. I also learned that gaining inner peace matters more than how one achieves it. This is why I accept that others have their own way to gain that wonderful emotion and relationship, it has to be personal & I am pleased for them.

Whilst I have not seen Jesus since that first encounter, I do know if I REALLY need His help, regarding my soul, (not day-to-day stuff) He will be there. I KNOW it! I KNOW it!

(4) ~ I would like to add, the witness could hardly speak afterwards, and was more preoccupied with his answer than with the revelation I had just experienced. He realised there was far more to life, but the religious connotations meant nothing to him. Perhaps due to him never having sought the truth ever. It did open him up later, for the time when his father died and appeared to him. He later told me his deceased father was as real as having a live person with him. My witness did not become religious, and felt just as good as he had previously before the vision.

I told him I felt he was meant to be a witness, so that I could believe my own eyes and internal ears, for in the past, I put much down to my imagination which is the best way for a human mind to cope with such things. But, by now, I had been well conditioned and accepted this phenomena with open arms. I was very fortunate to feel such love and be given that understanding. I can share with you, that when I panicked as the light was waning and Jesus was fading, that He told me whenever I needed to feel this love, to remember His visit.

(I shall tell both stories in full detail in my autobiography.)

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Unbelievable, I know, but it is true.