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Conflict over religion and fighting with each other, to try to prove who is correct, PROVES that religion is NOT where it is at!   
Religion? Give me human kindness any time!
The tree of life purports, male and female in equal parts are the way our spirits should be if we are evolved. I know I am like that. I look like a female, but always felt as if I were male. I also considered the change at one time to male. I wanted to be huge, with massive muscles and then I could protect all who were weaker and being bullied, physically and not only emotionally, as is mostly the case. I learned karate, loved boxing and was good at wrestling. I worked out with weights for strength and muscle when younger and had impressive biceps! My pecs were pretty good too, and that is why my, er, assets have not gone south!

Also, how often have I posted the comment that a God would have made sure His words to His people were indestructible, and in various forms so ALL people, in the whole world would know about something that important? But, that was not the case! There is nothing magical about the tablets of stone, which could have been inscribed by stonemasons of that time. Notes on Jesus, the earliest ones, were destroyed, some hidden, when the churches were created and then the 'dramatic' stories were conjured up, to suit the agenda of the politics at the time, to gain power over its people.

It is obvious that amongst some of the prophetic messages, (there would always be some intuitive people around, in touch with a higher source) the stories are very much from the mind of man, and not a God. These people had the cheek to instill a God, with the same inadequacies as humans have; jealousy, anger, vanity, etc.,  NO God would be like that, and do the masses realize this? Will they accept it? No! They are sheeple. They need to belong to groups, feeling more protected and having their religious fantasies fed and to keep their faith strong. For they all know that their foundations are shaky, as is anything built on supposes and maybe's.

I am not having a go at religious people, and it is necessary for them to feel safe. They need to feel there is something 'out there' who loves them and who, if they plead enough, will help them. Also, if they have had religion taught since being small, they will ALWAYS have the fear of going to Hell, or being separated from the 'being' who can make them feel complete. But, some of us, WILL question and not want to have 'faith' but to 'know' and this means being in touch with the inner truth.

Some of us, who shine through the foggy mists of negativity down here, will be known already by our Father Creator God. Others, will not be seen, as they have abused their precious gift of life. They take the life of others, easily kill animals, and care not about hurting others. They have no conscience, they have no soul! It has not developed, and unless they CHANGE and become compassionate humans, they are lost.

If more people took it on themselves to believe that a Creator would have now moved on, to bigger things in the Universe, but has left us the strength and free-will to do what we know is correct in all ways. And that we are not supposed to be hanging onto the apron strings, but to stand on our own two feet! Life is what we make it, and some do not try hard enough. It is up to us as humans to help all of those who genuinely cannot help themselves. It is our human duty!  No-one has to be taught that hurting other people is wrong. But, most choose not to care about that, and with those types of consciences, they are doomed, no matter what religion they choose. I believe the goodness in our hearts and how we have cared about others, will be judged on our death. We will either be given life with our Creator, as spiritual light and energy, or we will cease to be.

That is very simple and possibly I have it correct. There is no need for people to have others, such as missionaries or religious teachers, to show good humans how to behave. All this rubbish when they say how would good be defined against evil, if there were not tuition to say which is the wrong way to behave? Of course we know, natives know, anyone with a soul, knows that what could hurt us, could hurt others, and that is it! Simple! If we are made of the 'strong' stuff, we will stay on the path of doing what we should and not be lead astray by others.

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Religion? Give me human kindness any time!