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Have you ever thought that only a devil could allow such suffering without stepping in to stop it?   
WE imagine a God to be GOOD
It is possible!

A Creator would have to have quite a bit of the devil in him to have allowed so much evil to be possible in our blueprint! For example,  the barbarism of us eating other living things, and becoming food ourselves on occasion! If we had systems which only tolerated veggies, fruits and the equivalent, violence would not be the way it is. Elephants and giraffes do well without meat. I was healthier, when I left it out altogether.

We all imagine a God, or Creator would be loving and merciful, even though the God in the OT, is anything but! IF we have been invented as an experiment, we might be ignored now as it all went wrong, or we could have only been a huge GAME. Who knows what human emotions we could attribute to such a God?  I could say a God would be 'atumulescent'
which is MY invented word for a God that we have no idea of who He really is or could be. Just remember folks, I said it first. God is atumulescent! (Copyrighted Sunday Sept 13th 2009, Donni De-Ville)

As it is now, I have worked out that God has left us to our own devices. There could be many reasons for that. One could be He does not care about how much we suffer and literally is just doing his 'own thing.' As we might, when we invent a game, tire of it, and discard it, moving on to more exciting things. Humans, being humans, generally, the non-analytical ones, can only make excuses or want to believe anything to make them feel better, and not abandoned, which in a sense, they are.

But, there is something out there of great supernatural proportions, good and negative, many of us have had proof of that, many have not. Many could feel some of it is God.  But, the supernatural is linked with other realms and dimensions, and somehow, has something to do with the Universe. These are things we can put labels on, but never entirely understand.

Life is short, and however we all feel about it, on death we will stop thinking about it. SO how about us all dwelling on life, and making it the best we can? Those who have good health are the luckiest, they have all the tools for being happy. If they are not, it is due to them making bad decisions, and looking at events in negative ways instead of always seeing the positive in any situation. For it is there. Get out the microscope and stop whining about things we cannot do anything about, but give energy to all that we can.

Copyright  © Sept 2009 Donni-Jay De-Ville
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WE imagine a God to be GOOD