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I have been a nurse and the suffering of my many patients was unbearable enough for me, let alone them!   
Suicide is not painless, Euthanasia can be.

 Achieving death by one's own hand, is most difficult due to the survival instinct, which normally overtakes any deviant thought of self-killing. But, some of us have too much torment which is so unbearable, it can overcome that instinct. No-one, except the deranged, (suicide bombers, etc.,) are going to handle killing themselves without going through tremendous deep emotional pain to add to their already, huge suffering.


Because of this, there ought to be certain people, who are able to take life away from the living to prevent the constant and continuing torture. People like vets are able to take life for very good reason. People like them could take the responsibility of helping a person who deserves consideration, as we do with animals, and put humans out of their misery also.


That is the only way the medical practice will not be able to allow families to want the death of a relative through what they will attain on that death. No suffering animal would want to be killed, even to be pain-free. But, they have no voice to say NO. It is left to the decision of the trusted vet and hopefully, the owner of the animal who loves it.


Think about the sufferers with MS. They know if they do not try to arrange their death well before they are totally incapable of doing anything about it, it will be too late. They would be left to suffer pain and humiliation, with only their minds working to THINK, think, think, all day. How can anyone be condemned to such torture? I know pain can make us capable of opting for death instead, (even though some of us are not terminal) but to have to die by one's own hand, is going to bring in that survival instinct, which makes it all so much worse. They should not have to decide alone either. They should not suffer more than they already are. They should be helped to die painlessly, in dignity and peace.


Officials say that some people who when cognizant, were able to sign they wanted to die at a certain level of their illness, could and have, changed their minds. This could always be the case due to the survival instinct, but would we let our loved pets continue to suffer, just because they 'knew' they would be killed to relieve that suffering? No, we would not. So, if a person was unable to say if they had changed their mind, could it still be kinder to allow them to die? Help them to die, as they were once able to ask for when they had reached this stage of illness, when they had a mind and voice to say as much. It was back then they could think clearly.


Some may not want to die, due to thinking their God would not be pleased with them. This is when religion can cause problems. If a person cannot accept that IF their God has not put them out of their misery, one way or another, He has left it up to free-will. The truth must be faced, accepted and acted upon. Fear of the invisible God, and any hereto teachings of hell or heaven, must not cause a human to accept more inevitable suffering and to say 'thank you' for it, in the ungodly bargain.


I do not think anyone ought to try and kill themselves. No. It could go very badly wrong, insomuch as there have been too many unsuccessful attempts which has left the victim, (yes they are victims) being in a far worse condition. Some of us can die easily, others just do not seem to, no matter how impossible it should have been on their choice of suicide. Some are left deformed and continue to live with tubes hanging out of them, through a self 'bodged' job. Some could be partially or completely paralyzed and suffer far more, with no-one to help put them out of their misery after a failed, badly bungled attempt.

No human or living thing, ought to go through such trauma. I have been there, several times and almost succeeded a few times, so I know what I am talking about. I still have the literal scars. I have landed in a great spot now and cannot imagine feeling that low again, but I still hear of others who are in that position.  It is cruel to allow them to be so desperate they attempt to kill themselves. Either therapy IS necessary, or a peaceful way out, with caring people by their side. Are we really humane or not?

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Suicide is not painless, Euthanasia can be.