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Cows and other animals are capable of vomiting with fear. Panic can also easily be seen in their eyes!

If humans did not breed them for food, or money, there would not need to be many around except to keep certain grasses down, or for pets.

Children are brain-washed, just as some are with religion pushed down their throats, instead of allowing them to learn for themselves and decide if they want to have ‘faith’ or not, OR to eat meat or not, considering the consequences of health and cruelty.

Talking about nature, only some animals or sea mammals are predators, (I cannot bear this, nature or not!) I wonder why other animals, large ones at that, do not eat other animals, or even try to kill them? Giraffes, deer, goats, elephants, domestic pigs, gorillas, etc., are not killers and look how well they grow without meat! Even vultures do not kill, but eat 'road-kill.' (I have proof also of body builders, NOT using steroids who have large muscles, and are strong and healthy without eating meat) My hubby is one of them. There seems to be a mistake in the blueprint, as aggression and the lack of empathy is in SOME animals, just like in MANY humans.

I will not talk about TEETH here, carnivorous or omnivorous or anything else they can be called. (I wish teeth were not created, as 'gums' would ensure less killings or meat eating!) Most teeth are capable of eating and tearing meat to a certain extent, including human teeth too! If meat were grown on trees, that would be fine. But, the word 'MEAT' is barbaric and originates from a slaughtered animal with its FLESH packaged and sold as if that 'MEAT' were never living, caring, having emotions, capable of be-friending a human and being affectionate.

Sadly, I was brought up to eat meat. I enjoyed the smell and the taste. Never wondered about HOW it got to the shops. Never thought about an animal being killed for this 'dead' food either! When I became a bit older I was told animals are killed instantly and have no pain. Yes, sure!! So, since I watched ‘Earthlings’ and ‘From a Farm to a Fridge’ seeing for myself the emotional suffering of the animals, before the killing even begins, broke my heart. I sobbed for hours and had terrible nightmares realising that humans could be so insensitive to LIFE! The animals know their fellow animals are being killed. And, not every slaughter is done instantly, in fact it would be difficult to do that considering the thousands of animals going through the slaughter houses now, to cater for the huge consumption of meat. (I am not even talking about the deliberate sadism caused to these defenceless victims by some cruel workers either!)

For those people who enjoy their barbecues and meat dinners, it has become part of their culture. Most, if not all adults know that eating the fat in meat blocks up their arteries, especially if they eat a lot of it. It must be as difficult for them to give up meat as it is giving up smoking. I also think that many who do not like that animals are killed so they can eat them, would feel a bit guilty but still not able to give up the craving for meat. It is like an addiction. Meat eaters do not think about the innocent, inquisitive, docile, friendly animals that are bred to be killed. Looking into their eyes as they look back, there is something so deep that bonds us spiritually. It is as if we communicate silently on a different level, and become one.

I am not supporting meat eaters, as I no longer am one, but if all meat-eaters were to see one of the horrifically cruel, graphic, slaughtering videos, with the fear and panic in the victims eyes,  then how the animals are still conscious even though their throats are cut, whilst they struggle for breath. Sometimes blowing bubbles from their slit throats in desperation for oxygen, it would deter those who despise cruelty to humans as well as animals. For only those people will empathise and feel compassion upon the horrific sight of animals being slaughtered. Compassion cannot be learned. It has to be in one's conscience and when the truth is brought to the eyes and ears of humans, surely that makes it harder to eat meat? Stops the craving to eat killed animals? When looking at the packaging on the shelves with the blood swilling around the bottom of the package, does that not remind humans the animal was killed for food, when there are other things we could eat without causing any harm or cruelty? Without causing fear and panic? Without allowing an innocent animal, (albeit bred for food) being harmed so dreadfully? Life is as precious to them as it is to us!

Just imagine if GIANTS (who were not like the human species, perhaps walking on all fours or six limbs, with cold eyes) roamed this Earth, and we, men, women and children, were kept and slaughtered for food? Even if they were as kind to us as possible, with our children taken away, women used for breeding babies that were taken from them immediately, just imagine the physical and emotional suffering there! With the women having milk taken from them daily, and they having to be kept in a pregnant state for this to be done, how horrendous is that?

Many women get mastitis, ulcers and abscesses when breast-feeding, but if there were so many with this painful condition, the 'GIANT' farmer could not afford a vet to clear up this painful condition, which probably would become constant anyway, due to being used for breeding. The milk pumped out would not be healthy and would have blood and pus in it! That is as near a comparison as I can make to the human potential as food. Stretch the imagination and the torture is not too far from the truth concerning animals.

No human, (and this is happening in secret government research labs now) ought to be bred for the purpose of being experimented on or being killed, nor for that ‘LIFE’ to be treated with disrespect. As with animals, someone with no vocal chords, or with them purposefully cut out, means there are no vocal words to beg for survival or mercy, but 'they' will be thinking it, hoping for it. JUST AS ANY HUMAN WITHOUT VOCAL ABILITY (a deaf mute perhaps) WOULD BE PLEADING SILENTLY FOR COMPASSION, LACK OF PAIN, NOT TO BE KILLED, NOR TO BE GIVEN PAIN, OR TO FEEL FEAR KNOWING THERE IS NO ESCAPE, as they certainly would be feeling.

Everything that lives has a strong survival instinct, (like humans) and have emotions with differing levels of intelligence and pain intolerance. They want TO LIVE THE LIFE THEY HAVE with as much freedom as possible, or as loved pets with consideration, kindness and care from their owners.  Some pets or even unknown animals, or mammals have protected humans! And yet humans still KILL them! This is when I call those types of humans 'demons.' They certainly do not take after angels!

(I have to make an amendment here, as it seems many people, men and women, young people and even children seem to have lost this 'instinct' for the need to rescue or protect life, and have no qualms about killing, snuffing out life, or themselves. Obviously, a chemical reaction in the brain which has caused some type of insanity. These humans also have not spiritually evolved and will not go to any place of comfort when they die!)

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