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So many of us at this time, are understandably disappointed with the lack of miracles to ELIMINATE the wickedness sweeping through the world, The unbelieveable evil coming from those who cannot possibly be human! Let's try this exercise NOW!   
Positive Thoughts Can Manifest

Your Contribution toward the Survival of Humanity by Donni De-Ville.

 Sit in a quiet place and concentrate on what you learned in my article here. This needs controlled thought process, rather than meditation. You have nothing to lose, but this could make a world of difference, literally.  We are not physical warriors, but have a marvelous weapon. Our mind’s. Let’s use them properly, now….

(Understand all of this article before you begin to visualise)

There are MANY more good people on Earth than the NWO imagined.... And we can do our part to gain our freedom….The human mind is so strong, it can be used like a weapon! The part of the brain which has been inactive all this time, has started to work. Much more of our brain is being utilized due to the huge amount of deception and lies we have uncovered and have had to accept.  Truth is Knowledge….no matter how unbelievable….

Concentrate on the GOOD outcome result even though we cannot always see the progress....Do not dwell on how much we detest the people (or aliens) who are causing this global suffering! Never forget the Globalists aim is to make us feel these destructive emotions and they do their best to terrorize us into anger, grief, fear and frustration. For years they have been poisoning us with vaccines, food, drink and personal products, weakening us physically and harming us emotionally.

All these harmful creations, in so many forms have caused weakness, illnesses and hopelessness to make it easier for the globalists to control everyone. 

Part of the plan, the Moslems have no idea they are being ‘used’ to help cause these negative emotions. Using them and ISIS, is a means to an end...They have been created and paid to cause as much harm, fear and death as possible. The off-shoot is to prevent us from feeling secure and to destroy our confidence in ourselves and other people around us. Weakened people are easier to control.

As soon as the NWO feel ready, the Muslims and ISIS will be taken out, as there would be no more reason to have them running around like loose cannons!!

Globalists know that angry, frustrated people cannot calm down enough to think positively about visualizing a peaceful, happy world, as well as a healthy planet. Visualizing our world as being this wonderful, and as many times daily as we can, will manifest  the ELIMINATION of all evil and the re-instatement of moral, compassionate people with good, honest leadership!

Visualize a peaceful, compassionate, comfortable life for everyone and picture the planet healing....with all evil eliminated and where life is acknowledged as being PRECIOUS! This will then manifest for the first time in the history of humanity. We just need a massive amount of people thinking this way!! Visualize it! Believe it! Do this every moment you can! BELIEVE Donald Trump WILL BE OUR PRESIDENT with all your heart! Everyone do this! Those thoughts will build up Trump’s energy wall.

Concentrate on the GOOD outcome take-over....NOT on how much we detest the people (or aliens) who are causing this suffering! Visualizing and positivity is SO IMPORTANT TO OUR SUCCESS! But we can do it!

Permission given to post article in other websites…Wherever you can without annoying anyone. I ask that you don't alter the wording and to mention the source of this article.

By Donni De-Ville

  2016 © www.donnideville.com

Copyright ©2015 Donni-Jay De-Ville Entertainment and Publishing Company and its licensors

Positive Thoughts Can Manifest