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I have more ideas of our spiritual life and it has taken me over 50 years to feel satisfied with my assumptions.      
I hope my take on this is comforting to others.

      I feel that hell is probably here on Earth, at least at the moment. We all have hurts, sorrows, losses and the fear of inevitable death. It's HOW we die, I think more than the fact of dying which is so scary.

      If we came back due to karma, to make up for the mistakes we made the previous times, that would make sense IF we remembered who we were and how our decisions back-fired on us.

      To me, heaven is each time I feel a warmth spread over me and feel happy. It might be for no reason. It might be due to suddenly feeling blessed to have the loved ones I have in my life. Heaven is also when I do not dwell on any of the trauma from the past but just feel so optimistic. And strangely enough, I still do!
      As for your question about everyone mastering the original reason for our lives, I don't think that could ever happen. There are too many people who are so stubborn or close minded they will never move on.

      I don't like man-made religion or the 'biblical god' who is nearer to a Satanic god than a loving one. And Jesus said as much. He said, Satan is the ruler of our world. That's why this could be hell. Our release from the human vehicle is heaven. Not sure what it might look like in the place our souls end up. It might look just like the world we are used to, except it will be like the Garden of Eden and be the way our Prime Creator, (the Source) originally created for us all. With no illness, no evil, with beings we have loved in previous lives (and our animals) and we could live as long as we chose, all without aging. Now that would be heaven wouldn't it?

      Those of us I feel, who become aware of the deception and lies of what purports to be mankind (disguised as human and is probably the specie who silently invaded us from the start) can achieve a higher level of consciousness through knowing about and accepting the truth of what type of world we are living in. Maybe this is what is meant by; The truth can set you free? That used to mean to me, knowing the truth could be painful and hard to cope with. But, if we can cope with the horrors of what life throws at us, propaganda and all, we are allowed to ascend to a higher level into another dimension. We go on to the next level which suits our highered frequencies better.  To join others of the same wavelength. We just leave the other souls behind because their frequencies being lower, cannot mesh with ours any longer. Somehow, I feel we don't have to die to achieve moving on.

       Happiness is the bonus whilst being here and misery seems to be what life is about and in not becoming bitter or nasty. I think the test is how well we cope with it, how much we want to help others, and on how much compassion we have. 

        Oh well, it makes sense to me! It sounds so simple doesn't it?

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I hope my take on this is comforting to others.