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MY FAVOURITE GUITAR  made in Kalamazoo by the Gibson people with Gibson parts. 



I never had this 'dream' to be famous,  as in being a 'household name,' which so many publicity-mad celebrities seem to need. It was difficult enough to be the public property I became with my work as a professional dancer, and to a degree, as a performer singing and playing guitar with bands. It was all I could cope with at that time. I did not want the horrors that accompany huge fame, or to be around the sordid people. 

      It is not easy with me being so much of a loner, a hermit at times (when my agoraphobia took over) and rather than being committed to public events, I would prefer to be busy with many other creative pursuits. Some people tried to keep me channelled on showbiz alone and in the public eye. Constantly invited to boring parties with shallow talk, surrounded by those who think so much of themselves and who expected me to be as over-awed by them as most of the other guests were!   It takes a great deal for me to be impressed and I need to respect people before I allow them close enough to become friends. Beside that, I prefer being my own boss, always have been and always will be!

      Back to the previous subject; hopefully I shall continue to prove 'mature age' does not have to make a person look 'old' or 'frumpy.' My website pictures, taken from many years ago, to the up-to-date ones are to prove women over middle age should not be written off.  If the world situation improves, which I believe is happening now, thanks to President Trump, (and President Putin) I may become more involved with the music again. At the moment it seems too dangerous to be out and about much, and certainly not safe to be amongst crowds. But, that has been something I never liked. Being on stage is far better.

       As a writer, I can make the plight of animals more known, and as a performer, I want to donate a percentage of my novel sales (hope to concentrate on marketing it soon) for some of the interested charities who contact us, or who we find and like. One important animal concern to us is; Freedom Farm from Hendersonville, in Tennessee, who are a no-kill shelter, because we were involved with them, when we lived just outside Nashville. We have added more shelters and causes to our list and look forward to fund-raising. We also plan fund-raising for the homeless and needy on the largest scale we can manage. To do this we shall need teams of people and hopefully, they will not have to volunteer their services for nothing. Stipends at least will be paid, as everyone needs to earn a living.

     In my 20's for seven years and performed in many towns and at events, as a solo dancer. My manager, where I worked for 4 years as the resident dancer, in The Affair club, was also the famous band, XTC's, manager. The band were extremely popular in the UK, and probably around the world, but I was busy doing my own thing and not over-keen on that style of music.

I acquired my British Actors Equity card and went on to do some television and commercials work, later to perform as a singer. I also played guitar, with blues, soul, country and pop bands, in England. My first band and I were signed up to Universal Artists in London. Later, I spent some years as part of a duo, 'Chilli Pepper' and loved the entertainment business, although sadly, I was not enamoured by many of the people I met along the way, so I never got as involved as I could have done.

I have been living in America many years now. Spent my first year in Chicago, then moved away to buy a lovely large ranch style place just outside Nashville, TN. Stayed there for almost six years, and then moved back to Chicago.

      Song-writing and performing will always be my greatest passion, although my performances in my recent UK past have mostly been as  a 'guest' on stage and in the hotels along the sea front, in the sea resort I moved to from London, before coming to the USA. I still hope to organise a project soon and if all goes well, we shall mostly be a recording video band, available for some functions, but mostly for fund-raising! We will perform country/blues/boogie/soul/swing. We were looking for a 'Little Richard' style pianist, or 'Jerry Lee,' boogie piano player to join us. When we were in Tennessee, I spoke to the people with Little Richard, and asked if he would guest with us. They told me he might have, but now he had stopped playing that music and was into Jesus and gospel. He was having a lot of trouble with his hip then too, I remember.

      A blood cousin from my father's side of the family, traced her ancestry to me, having the same ancestor, Sir John Wynn, and she has been living in Florida.  It is great having a female blood relative to stay in touch with. Wonders will never cease!

        Of course we still need a 'cool' saxophonist and a pianist with that boogie left hand! WHERE ARE THESE ELUSIVE MUSIC MEN???

        This site is mostly for stories, articles and fun themes and more music (apart from the digital music player on the Home Page) will be added later. I have a professional forum here and I hope some of you will want to comment in them.

     Writing has always been a serious part of my life and indeed, it has been the primary focus. Over the years I have finished many short stories, some of which were published in Readers Digest and Odyssey Books and I have more to turn into a compilation. The autobiography is well on the way, and I have completed and published my novel, (NOT a vanity publisher!) Paperback, Kindle & e-Book is available. I have two more books in the pipeline and of course many more already completed short stories and articles to add in this site, for your free reading pleasure.

     I write like I think, (but, try to be diplomatic) and do not mind confrontations, usually because I am not afraid to be controversial. My full length pictures are here to prove I am different from most women of my age, in that I have not aged badly, nor in the normal way of others and have kept my youthful hourglass shape. Attitude, Isometrics, DNA and not wanting to be like anyone else, has probably helped me. I hope the young women will realise they do not need to age badly, it is all in the mind. Or, at least in some minds.

     Also, I have survived a great deal more emotion and treachery, than most of you will have come across. That is why I write so compellingly, openly and broach subjects that other writers might not.  Image helps in gaining respect, even if begrudgingly, but the important thing is how one's spirit has developed and not having the attitude of 'looking the other way and allowing evil to happen,' but trying to do something about it each time an injustice is about to be, or is done. By the way, I am spiritual, not religious.

    If you do not have the time to read much more, bookmark the site and come back when you can! This may become one of your most favourite places to spend time! If you have read it all and wish for more, just write and let me know, I have plenty more to add!

You can contact me through the; 'Contact Us' tab in the Menu Bar on the left hand side of the screen.

     This is an interactive site, so do not forget to visit and use the great forum here.

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{Number 3 was a practising witch, a High Priest with his own coven and the husband who came after that, number 4, was an Assassin with the S.A.S. in the British Army in one of their Assassination Squads. That husband, number 4, became a best-selling author with his book; 'The Nemesis File,' a bit of a biography. 
He was a charming man, for a while.............. }

   ♬ ♪  ♩  DONNI'S BIO ♫  ♫ ♪

Pic taken 24th March 2018

LET ME INTRODUCE MYSELF, I am Donni-Jay, (or just Donni) born in Millionaires Row, Bishop's Avenue, (called Millionaires Row back then, now known as Billionaires Row) North London, due to all the Arabs who have bought houses there. I am from a Colonial background with an ancestral home, Gwydir Castle. I am directly descended from the Wynn family, (baronets) from Sir John Wynn, who owned the Castle, in Llanrwst, North Wales, England. 

Gwydir Castle Lit Up @ Night.jpg         Gwydir Castle Grounds.jpg          Gwydir Castle Courtyard.jpg

Here I need to add Theresa, contacted me after tracing her ancestry. She is of the same bloodline as I am, (on my father's side) and we share the same ancestral grandfather who was thought of as the murderer of a serving maid he had killed. She was found inside a wall. However, I remember my grandfather (the one we called Papa) used to tell us that Sir Henry Wynn was the black sheep of the family. So who knows, maybe it was him who killed the maid?

Knowing I have blood family living on the same soil as me has made me feel better, as what is left of my family in the UK has become extinct.                                        

One of my past homes with the architect, my fiancee Lambo: Front and the back in Sunningdale, Ascot, UK. 8 bedrooms and 7 baths.  The famous UK group 'Five Star' lived in their 'village estate,' directly opposite us.

           DSCF1182.JPG                         DSCF1175.JPG     

The silver car in the drive was mine.... 280 ZX Targa Coupe.       

DSCF1174.JPG   DSCF1127.JPG  


1992 Feb 22nd: A lady driver hit me in my driver's door! Her husband was a magistrate so I lost the case! I had to be cut out of the car..... Took almost 3 hours and I could not walk without pain for some years after this!


This accident happened half a mile down the road from our Ascot house above.

{Scroll down to read the excerpt of the first chapter of my Autobiography. Scroll down further to read the rest of my synopsis}  

   ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~


     How many people have had such a brilliantly bad and good life as I have which turned into a manic, non-stop, helter-skelter of action? From a Colonial family, with baronets on my father’s side, and an ancestral castle in North Wales, UK. It was said my very beautiful mother came from a Polynesian Royal family, but she hated to talk about her family. I shared only the little she begrudgingly divulged when I could no longer contain my inquisitive mind and questioned her too much. We never dwelt on the subject as it made my mother far too unhappy and she missed her own parents very much. I grew up with stories of grandeur and tales of the domestic staff in my Grandparents home. (I have also had a housekeeper look after me, and later employed domestic staff. I had too many creative projects to pursue and taking time with housekeeping held me up too much. If I had been fast and quick at this type of work I might have been pleased to get it done myself, but I was no good at it!

     I lived the kind of life that might have driven some people crazy. Filled with non-stop escape plans, high and low emotions, trauma, disasters, physical and mental abuse, illnesses, emergency operations, serious illnesses, (and not only mine) guilt, grief, loss, being blamed for things I never did, but due to circumstances sometimes had to lay claim to.

     I moved house one hundred and fifteen times. (ALL the addresses have been listed and there is a story attached to each one.) I found it necessary to move home regularly, sometimes it was every two or three weeks, the reasons mostly were to avoid men who stalked me once they knew me, especially, when I became somewhat of a celebrity. Take note I am not saying I was famous or world known, but I became a large fish in many smallish ponds, metaphorically speaking. It was enough for me, and sometimes, even that was too much as I am a mixture of hermit, (loving the insular life) and also a very social type person when I choose to be!

I unwittingly became involved with the Soho Mafia when I was twenty-one years of age and amongst being privy to protection rackets, witnessed murder. Later, circumstances lead to my being homeless with a three year old daughter, and on marrying a new husband (an almost immediate regret) became pregnant, only to find out he was a vicious criminal who I needed to escape from. This cost me my two children anyway, including the newborn who I had to walk away from when I recovered from the horrific birth in the hospital.

     My incredible life has been filled with grief, loss, highs and excitement, disasters, mental and physical pain with many escapes!  In the process, I became involved in show-business, but only to the degree I felt secure with. It has NEVER been my thing to allow responsibilities and commitments to tie me down in the world of entertainment. I have seen my share of 'false' and pretentious people, and I am not in the slightest enamoured with those who have made names for themselves. They are still ONLY people, and not necessarily ones worth becoming friends with. Once I met Prince Charles and Lady Di face to face on the opening of the newly modernised Hammersmith Palais, London, (on their side of the red carpet and barrier). My fiance, Lambo was one of the architects who had worked on the building. Quite an interesting story, to be told later in full. Kenny Everitt, the now deceased British comedian attended 'The Prince's Trust' event, along with other celebrities.

     I have experienced many supernatural encounters and undergone an enforced exorcism performed by my Doctor and two Pentecostal ministers who seemingly believed I was possessed by the devil.  The story appeared on the front page of, ‘The News of the World’ newspaper, June 4th 1978. Later two particularly incredible apparitions occurred, and I would agree to a lie detector test to prove it. I have enjoyed popularity from being on-stage for years. Seven years as a professional dancer, then off and on with bands, appearing in television adverts and walk on parts, but have struggled with agoraphobia. "Not a lot of people know that!" Unquote; Michael Caine.

     I survived with my life intact on many occasions when I should have died.  I actually saw a physical angel who appeared in our car on the back seat, when he saved my sister and myself whilst travelling in my car about to merge onto a UK Motorway. It could have turned into a fatal car accident.  Another car ordeal on the motorway, accompanied by a friend, was a near miss when something in the engine blew up and I had to struggle with the steering to keep control. That was a laser directed at my car. Some years later, and a year after my mother died, I miraculously survived a car crash that took almost three hours for firemen to cut me out of.  That should have killed or at least paralysed me.  I was also previously blown up in a gas explosion, to only mention a few of my dangerous mishaps. These are but a few of the experiences.

     Each choice was a total gamble, consisting of decisions between mostly, the worst of situations.  Futile attempts in trying to keep my two daughters, then the constant search for them, were the most painful situations for me.   Many risks did not pay off and I lived on the edge constantly. There were rapes, but I never let myself become a victim. But, I never completely lost hope or my love of entertaining people. Neither did I become bitter or paint everyone with the same brush.  However, it would have been beneficial on many occasions, if I had done just that.

     I innocently became involved with terrible people, but also met many kind-hearted and decent folk. My accomplishments along the way have been many, but the main one was surviving the life I led, and walking my unusual path for so many years without going insane.  Also, it is very strange that I do not look anywhere near my age, thankfully.

As this is updated, June 3rd 2016 I need to say the world has become far more treacherous, because those who should have been taking care of their citizens have done the opposite and instead lined their pockets. It is deliberate, as the Cabal intend pushing a New World Order, and all that entails. If you are 'up on things' and not dumbed down, you will know a great deal about what is going on. I can only wish us all luck with coming through unscathed. I am optimistic and they say; "anything's possible." Let's hope our global freedom will be possible totally, for the first time. Evil must be defeated wherever it raises its horrendously, ugly head!


Scroll down past the last picture here to continue reading about my 'husband's.... and on to the first chapter.........

                                                                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This pic taken July 2010 ~ A week later I dyed my silver hair back to black again. Silver looks good though!

Pic taken July 2010  

                                                               animal-smiley-040.gifHELLO! "I will have an audio Welcome Message here soon!"animal-smiley-040.gif

DSCF1039.jpg                            DSCF5870_1.JPG

28 yrs  Jay (Donni) Dancer UK                2009 USA 
I am British, an
Author and Performer now living in America.
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Below are comparisons from the past to 2009

Dancer-24yrs.jpg                                       DSCF0187-1.JPG  

Jay {Donni} the UK dancer ~ at 24yrs        Donni, Author/Performer USA ~ 2007

    2005_0918200519NovemberIII0142-1.JPG                                     DSCF5812-1.JPG
                Author USA ~ 2007                      USA ~ end of 2008   
Who says women are past it at 50 plus?   

DonnisMom.JPG              kiddy.jpg                 Donni 2yrs.jpg        

My beautiful mother at 18yrs ~ 1yr old me laughing  ~ And at 2yrs

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Donna, my firstborn daughter at 28yrs, sadly no more pics or contact. Second born Teresa   

Donna.jpg                                              _MG_9761.JPG

Donna Kay, her grandfather was a heart surgeon  ~  Teresa Vivienne (named Anna after her adoption by a Member of Parliament)
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ Some other members of my family below ~        


DSCF2548.JPG                             DSCF5744.JPG

        Seva at (5yrs)   (Both are teeny!)    Monkee at (2yrs)  (2017 & I still have my babies!)



     DSCF6975.jpg              180px-DSCF1782.JPG              2005_0918200519November0032.JPG  DSCF6340.JPG   Rocky Back.jpg

                       My husband, Rocky's pics

First, there were the five husband's......

     My first husband Ken, was also my first boyfriend.  We met just before I went into nursing training at age 17 and when I did not know enough about men or the world. I married Ken at nineteen, tying myself down way too early with the first marriage and broke his heart when I left him.

     The second was a vicious, karate black-belt (and wine-alcoholic) Gavvy, who masqueraded as a charming, debonair, intellectual, (president of a debating club) tall, muscular man who everyone considered handsome. He was known to have a 'reputation' as an unbeatable street-fighter. I thought this strange as he always wore suits, but in a way, his reputation made me feel secure. (Shows how little I knew back then!)  After we married he became the father of my second child. He did me the most damage for he was the reason I lost both my two small daughters, my first daughter of 4 yrs and the one as a newborn.

       His true nature was hidden from me until the day we were married and part of who he really was revealed when he became unconscious drunk in front of me, in the place we were to stay for our honeymoon.  I then unsuccessfully tried to leave him on that first night after being told by a friend of his that he was an alcoholic. I picked up my suitcase and managed to get back to my home many miles away, by hitching lifts.  Two days later he phoned to say he would cut my legs off when he arrived back at MY home, which had now become the 'marital home' although we had not lived there as man and wife.  I called the police of course, but they said it was 'domestic' and so out of their jurisdiction unless he did cut my legs off! I was to contact them if he actually hurt me! It was the beginning of a short period of absolute hell, definitely the worst time I ever had, and I had many of those to compare with!

     Next, the third, there was an astute businessman, Bob, a gifted driver of all vehicles, who was Wiccan, could be most charming, also a witch and non-profit healer. I once witnessed an amazing healing he did spontaneously.

    He was training to be a witch, and ended up having his own coven. Because of his beliefs, we had a 'hand-fasting,' which is a witch's wedding out in the woods, as well as having the civil ceremony first, that morning. Bob was multi-talented (not in the musical sense) business-wise and could turn his hand to anything. He was the most amazing driver, being able to back a large caravan into the smallest space! Well, it really impressed me!  Bob was highly intelligent and seemed very kind and I believe he truly loved animals.  My illnesses included almost daily migraines, and severe IBS. My thyroid was hypo-active, and was difficult to keep stable. Strange things were going on in my house. Unnerving things that most people would say is impossible.

     Then, the fourth time I married a recovering alcoholic, self-confessed ‘assassin.’ ‘Paul Bruce,’ who wrote the worldwide best selling book, ‘The Nemesis File.’ An autobiography about his life and his assassinations whilst being in the British Army in one of their ‘S.A.S. Execution Squads.’ He had almost conquered the desire to destroy himself whilst with me and he stopped drinking completely. But, his self-destruct button turned itself back on again a short while after we married and he became cold, lacking in affection of any type.  Whilst living with me, he never turned back to the drink, but after I had to call our marriage quits and helped him take his possessions back to his own home, (which I had insisted he kept on, in case...) he started drinking heavily again, making himself horrendously ill. This upset me very much, especially as I felt proud for the changes in him since being with me. The nature of an alcoholic can never be hidden for long, especially, if he becomes unhappy or insecure...

       Christmas 2003 was yet another Christmas which became one of the worst times undergone, and the saddest for many, many years! I grieved for this particular marriage not working out, especially as I thought 'Paul Bruce', had been so different to who he became. Although we were not together very long, he made an impression on me. It might have been due to me reading in his book about his training and the strength and commitment needed to become a member of the S.A.S. Or it might have been his bravery in writing such a book, admitting to murder under orders.

      Paul looked like a tough pirate with his black beard, mustache and big muscles. The top of his head being bald and his black ponytail down his back and from the sides where his hair still grew. Paul had a large stature and presenceNo-one bumped into him or got in his way while we walked. His voice was very deep and rumbling, and he did not speak much. He only grunted, instead of saying hello when someone greeted us. His eyes were cold blue, alternating from looking really kind to looking empty.
I was intrigued.

      I thought of Paul with pure affection for the short while we were 'close' and hope he is managing to enjoy life. We have been unable to stay in communication, as he has nothing good to say about me, or to me and that is putting it lightly. It is a shame as I hold nothing against him. It was just another of my wrong decisions. But, this is how it is when you give so much to try and help a recovering alcoholic and then leave him in the attempt to keep yourself sane. 

     Paul being an ex-assassin and re-living the nightmares could not have helped either. I know he regretted it all. Sadly, he turned into the very type of ex NO woman can even stay friends with. He put me in fear for my life, even if his words were only meant to hurt or scare me, which could have been the case, as he was never physically abusive. Nor was he any type of abusive to me whilst sharing my home. His turning on me through the written word and phone texting, caused me great sadness and upset as I could no longer recognise the man I married. 

      I barricaded myself in that Christmas 2003, stayed in the dark with no music or television on, so I could hear if anyone had managed to enter my house secretly and silently. I walked around my house with a knife, for what that might have been worth! It was this husband I had to get completely away from, which convinced me to accept an offer from a Chicago man I me in an online dating site, to move out of the UK, to America. 


     The fifth and final. Now we come also to my closest and dearest friend, who found me on the internet. Because of him I decided to turn my back on all I knew, which included my many reasons for grief and heartache, back in the UK. Letting go of my many material possessions built up over many, many years, was astonishingly painful. As was leaving my Nissan Sylvia, turbo, sports coupe, which I loved. I have always become very attached to my cars! I thought I would grow old in comfort and die in this house. But, I gambled on a totally fresh new life by leaving the UK, even at my mature age and not being in good health either. I still wonder what the end result of my decision will be.

      For years I
suffered from IBS, wretched hot flashes and an unstable thyroid, as well as a worsening debilitating condition we learned later was called; 'Gastric Volvulus' (where the stomach easily flips up and over the lungs) which thankfully, was successfully operated on after a short while of living in the USA. I grew to trust my new Chicagoan best friend and we moved from Chi-town, to Nashville, TN, where we married in a Court House with a Sheriff and two Deputies, wearing guns, who became our only witnesses! For a Brit like me, it was very exciting! We owned a large ranch-style home in TN, but going through two tornadoes made me very scared of the next bad weather warnings. We also missed Chicago too much and I still could not understand the Southern accent, so after five years, we sold up and came back!

     Rocky, as I named him, has an MBA in Business Studies gained at the University of Chicago and is one handsome, good-looking, young, extremely strong, weight-lifting man, working in billion dollar, top consulting companies.  I introduced Rocky to the drums on arriving in Chicago the first time and he taught himself to play at tremendous speed. He has a natural ability, is very musically talented also writing songs and I am very proud of him

     After the life I have lived, it is not easy for me to 'give' myself as I have always been such a free spirit.  But, to have such a great, trusted friend who is spiritual, and has so much in common with me, is all that I need. It is new to me to feel love grow stronger each day, but it does happen! I am the same to him, making this my best and hopefully permanent, relationship.

                                                   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Then there were also the six common-law-husbands..... I was engaged to marry each one and they lasted longer than all but 2 of my husbands.

     Nick, the son of a heart consultant, (from Swindon, UK) become a friend of my first husband and myself, when we worked together as door to door salespeople, selling encyclopedias for Robert Maxwell. The friendship caused me to move on from my marriage. I initially lived alone for a month or two, but then Nick and I became a couple and he, the father of my first daughter, Donna.  I nearly lost her at birth due to a bad long drawn out labour and Donna had breathing problems caused by her struggle to be born (it took a long time). She was even given the last rites and christened.  I engaged the help of a strange man who saved her life..... 

      Nick and I moved into our own house, but after a short while, we were no longer able to communicate and many fights occurred. They were mostly over my constant attention to Donna, and hardly any to him. He hardly paid attention to the baby, so when he tried to, she preferred to come to me. He hated this.  I know I handled so much wrongly and was emotionally insecure. We both realised we did not have that much in common after all, and I had taken enough around the time when our daughter was fourteen months old, when I left.

     The second man, John Marney, was a kind person who I stayed with for two and a half years, who had been the best friend of a married man I unwittingly fell for, (whilst I was a nurse in another hospital). I did not know the man Ernie still lived with a wife and six children as he lied to me about it.  On my terminating this 'affair' I turned to the faithful John. We became engaged, and eventually, John and I argued over his maintaining three other daughters (only one of them was his) even though he was divorced and that ex-wife had left him for another man.

      It is criminal the way courts allow the man to suffer financially to this degree, through no fault of his own. The fact remained, John was not in a position to look after my daughter and myself properly. The way we split up was very sad and we had so much left to say.

                       (Marriage to Gavvy here, the next fiancee, Parky had been his best friend)

      Third, was Parky, (Tony Parke) who gambled regularly, worked with a bookie and drank all the ‘Guinness’s placed in front of him, whilst still being an incredible pool player.  He was unable to financially add anything to our security, and due to my having to pay our bills regularly, I often left him.  But, he followed me from one town to another.  Sixteen times I moved away, but each time he persuaded me to take him back.  He eventually got murdered in an argument over me, when he finally quit gambling and was about to buy us a house with his saved up winnings.  He was helped by someone on the inside of the horse racing business. It was a woman I knew casually, Pat, a jockey, who worked at a famous Lambourne horse riding stable, that killed him with a knife straight into his heart. It was all in the newspapers.

     Fourth, was David Roberts, a man who was both a ‘fur-dyer’ by trade and professional drummer.  He encouraged me to be a musician in his band where I played guitar and sang.  We went on to form many different styles of bands, but after two years we had almost daily volatile arguments, mainly over his liking for football and television. He did not like my friendship with other musicians in the bands.  After I left him for the second time, he married my eighteen year old sister, Mandy.  Sadly for me, on her having her fourth child, she told me over the phone, that my being such a 'free spirit' was disruptive to her, as she had a home to run and it was difficult with me being a temptation for her to live a different, more fun-filled life. She told me she didn't have any room in her life for me. This broke my heart as Mandy and I were always so close and her being fifteen years younger than me, meant she was almost like my own daughter. She had lived with me many times.

     Fifth, was Tony Kay, an extremely creative and talented multi-instrumentalist musician, singer and songwriter.  Also, an artist and author.  He was friendly with the band ‘Pink Floyd’ and played socially with them when we lived around the corner from them in Stroud Green, London.  Tony's guitar style is the same as Dave Gilmour, their lead guitarist who enjoyed making music with Tony. 

      Tony's mother, Mary, had been manager to the famous UK comedian Tommy Cooper for eighteen years, and it was her who was with him on the night he died on stage, in front of a huge audience and millions of television viewers while Tony and I watched. It was Mary's hand everyone saw come out of the curtain and touch Tommy's chest, although in the newspapers they said it was 'Dove,' his wife. No, it was not. Dove never liked to accompany Tommy, and on this occasion she was at a Bridge Game.Tony had been a wonderfully spiritual person but like all good things, even he changed. It was not worth staying in contact.

     Sixth, was a lovely gentleman named Lambo, just eighteen months older than I.  He was a millionaire architect, with an eight-bedroom mansion in Sunningdale,  Ascot, in the UK.  This is where the Queen races her horses at one of the biggest equestrian events of the year.  Lambo, as I called him, looked after me for five years, and was keen to promote my show business career. As usual, my health did not always hold up.  He had great faith in me and loved to show me off at top London clubs, like ‘The Sportsman’s Club,’ in Park Lane. ‘Les Ambassadeurs’ club and ‘Morton’s’ which is part-owned by Michael Caine.  I met many celebrities of the time and other millionaires, some becoming our friends.

     There was a surprise meeting with Lady Di and Prince Charles, when they visited the Hammersmith Palais, London, after it’s renovation as Lambo had been working on the new design as an architect there. I will never forget this man's kindness and support. He is the one I regret not staying in contact with.

I bought a home, made it really comfortable then spent many years on my own, in between the relationships, until marriage to Bob (the Healer/High Priest) and then to Paul (ex-assassin). Finally, to Rocky.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

     My tiny Pomeranian, Ching, two & a half lbs in weight, came over with me from the UK in April 2004. After six months and at the age of fourteen years, she succumbed to kidney problems.  I have Ching back in a ‘freeze-dried’ form.  She looks almost life-like and at least I have what is remaining of her.  It was impossible to leave her behind in the vet's when the best thing to do was put her down and out of her pains. I suffered as much as if she were a flesh and blood child. That might sound bad, but at the time of sheer grief and consuming sorrow, there seemed to be no difference to me. Ching had become my only child and she was the only one I felt really loved me.

      My companion for 14 years, and by 10 years, the longest anyone had been around me until now. Please read; Ching the Big Tiny Dog.  for the full story and have a box of Kleenex tissues next to you. I pull no punches! Although I have owned many dogs, Ching was the one who first truly caused me such deep sorrow at her loss, that it still hurts to this day!

      But, still grief-stricken, three months on, after Ching's passing, Rocky acquired two tiny Show Poms, ‘Seva’ and ‘Tiko.’ I had to let one go to the best human mother she could possibly have, as  it was difficult to train them together and Seva needed me the most.  We let Tiko go my Californian friend, Caylan, who doted on her, carrying Tiko in a small, mesh-sided bag, as I do my little Seva.  In 2008, looking at puppies on the Internet we could not resist the human-type face of our little 'Monkee,' the other tiny Pom we could not resist! Monkee and Seva have their own individual, igloo type beds, and mesh-sided handbags which they love to travel in.

     Hopefully, this USA family of mine will be forever, as we all are so good together. So far, good health has still eluded me, but I am content and the happiest I have ever been. We have used our own company to launch my novel, and hopefully, with better health I can market the book and Kindle version properly. I also hope to finish the autobiography before too long.

      We hope to publish other authors biographies, helping to make a better deal for new authors. Mainstream is not always the way to go, and Vanity Publishing is to be avoided at all costs. That leaves setting oneself up for total self-publishing, which we started with our company.

                                                     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

{Excerpt from the book.}



Chapter One.

My background and my Ancestral Home, Gwydir Castle, Llanrwst, North Wales.

    I was born in July, at The Towers, in ‘Millionaires Row,’ Bishops Avenue,  one of the most affluent areas in North London, near Hampstead Village. That place is now known as 'Billionaires Row,' The house belonged to ‘Gracie Fields,’ one of the UK’s top singers around at the time. She turned it into a nursing home.

   My late mother was part Polynesian, part British and of royal birth, but this caused embarrassment for her, especially, now that she lived in England. Mother always had great dignity possessing a powerful presence which everyone recognized. We all knew she was an heiress, but she shared with me many stories of her past, which were not shared with the rest of the family. Her mother married to a British man, was crippled by my mother's birth, which caused great psychological problems.  At three years of age, mother was given an Ayah to raise her and be her nanny, when her parents placed both of them in a convent, for her to be taught by strict Irish nuns.

   When mother turned eighteen, the Ayah's job was completed and a painful parting of the ways ensued. They were now to pursue their own separate lives.  Mum went on to train as a nurse and whilst still in training, she lost both her parents.  Her mother died of a long-standing illness, and her father died of a broken heart one week later. Strangely, it also worked that way with a one week gap when on my father's side, my grandfather died and grandmother died just after him.

   Mother's wealthy parents had relocated to India soon after her birth, but during the Indian Uprising of 1947, she was forced to leave the country.  I listened as she described how people were attacked, and of one occasion when a man was knifed and died right in front of her. (Strangely, this exact re-enactment happened to me later, when I was in Soho, London.) The Uprising was a very frightening time, and all who stayed would have had to take Indian nationality.  The India mother knew, governed by the British, had changed dramatically.  It was no longer possible to live the luxury lifestyle she had grown accustomed to, and she wanted out, quickly.

    There had been involvement with a man, John, who owned many movie houses, until she met my father at a nurses dance.  He was a pilot and a boxing champion in the Royal Air Force, who also was a multi-instrumentalist in an RAF swing band, called; 'The Blue Rockets.' My father found out about John and threatened him to stay away from my mother who often reminisced about John to me, and wondered if she had made a mistake in not marrying him. 

      When the Uprising occurred, just after the death of her parents, mother was so alone and scared of the situation, that she became engaged to my father.  His family, were Colonials, Papa working directly for the British Government, running the East India Railway.  They needed to leave India as soon as possible, which they did.  Mother eventually decided to join my father and his Colonial parents, who had already travelled and arrived in England, to live in a large house in North London. Mother came over alone on a ship, which became two weeks of hell, as she was sick the whole time. Such a brave but frightening decision.

     Now, living in London, she was shocked to find everyone did not have servants, nor the kind of wealth they had all been used to. Also, she thought that television reports were propaganda about India, when she saw on the screen the squalidness and Indians who lived in poverty.  She had not been in these areas and so never saw that side of India.  Mother was now forced to find a trade to help support herself, while my father worked as an engineer and became a toolmaker.  She became a dressmaker, later on becoming a nurse again.

   Mother discovered the dressmaking skill when my father's brother, Mervyn secured her a job in his trade.  My uncle had been a medic in the Forces as he refused to use a gun and would not kill anyone, not even in self defence.  He, like all of Granny's children, is an accomplished musician and singer.  Mervyn was also one of the kindest people I knew.  I loved to hear him play keyboards and sing.  When young he was likened to Sir Cliff Richard, of great UK fame, in looks and for his voice.  A cherished memory is of the time he made a beautiful party dress for me. It was Christmas and he made one for my cousin, Lindy Benson also. But, mine was far prettier in bright shimmery ice blue and I still remember how good I felt wearing it. Lindy went on to be a Page 3 model and actress. She was in 'To The Devil A Daughter' - the book was by Dennis Wheatley. Lindy appeared in other films, and also as the bride, in a 'Boy George,' music video.

   My mother taught me to read and write, and by the age of four I could read aloud from newspapers, write letters and keep diaries.  I loved to write stories and make little booklets to sell when I started school.  I believed that made me a REAL writer!

   The books portrayed my thoughts and insights into adult behaviour.  I knew they did not completely understand the things I said or the way my mind worked.   Mostly, they only 'pretended'  to understand.   I also wrote about incidents that happened around me, or to me. Not always a good thing, I found out!

   From the time of my birth until I was eight or nine years old, the whole family lived with my grandparents. Granny spent the most time with me.  We sat together in her room for hours, while I listened enthralled to stories of her past Colonial life.  Granny and my Grandpapa, affectionately known to us all as ‘Papa,’ had lived in India in a huge house with acres of ground.  There were separate quarters for the many servants and three chefs.

   Papa worked as a high official with the East India Railway and had his own train. They lived in their mansion along with their four children.  They also entertained a great deal. There were many games of Bridge and they had 'social events' which Granny used to call 'balls.'  Everyone wore either ball gowns or dinner suits. A regular visitor was the Sultan of India. I was fascinated as Granny described the dresses she wore.  Granny, part Scottish, was also of Catalan, Spanish descent and Papa had come from N Wales.

   Our ancestor, Sir John Wynn, owned ‘Gwydir Castle,’ in Llanrwst, North Wales, which is in the Conway valley, with Snowdonia behind it. Dating back to the close of the Sixteenth Century, when its deer park alone, occupied 36,000 acres.

   Papa changed our name from ‘Wynn,’ the Welsh spelling of it, to ‘Winn.’ We were evidently fighting with the other half of the family, called the ‘Burgess’ Wynn’s.  There is much to say on this topic but, it is all too historical for me, although I would like the time to research further, with a professional researcher.  I heard that the castle had been handed over to the Preservation Society, with some of my ancestors still living in the back, at that time.  My Uncle Mervyn has visited there and signed the guest book.  I wish I had listened to the stories Papa told me back then more carefully.  I do remember him saying that Sir Henry Wynn was the black sheep of the family, not the bad Sir John Wynn, as people seemed to think.

     Five years ago, 1999, our castle was bought and renovated by Judy and Peter Welford.  Judy wrote a book about ‘Gwydir Castle, called, ‘Castles in the Air.’ I have this book and feel very drawn to the place.  It feels as if I’ve lived there before, in a past life.  After seeing the photos in Judy's book and on the internet, I remembered dreaming in the past, about being in and around this castle.  The dining room with its fine panelling and carving looked very familiar to me.  Almost as if I had spent many times there. It is the most haunted castle in N Wales.

     I communicated with Judy, the owner, briefly, who has turned it into a bed and breakfast place, but when she knew I was a descendant, her reaction became strange and distant. I did not say anything to Judy, but I knew through research that the man they bought the castle from, did not legally own it. He had no rights to it, and had I still been in the UK (I was now living in the USA) I would have liked to research this information further. Prince Charles had helped them with finances to renovate the buildings.

     And, what of the fortune left by Sir John Wynn?  His direct next of kin did not see any of it.  I wonder what I will be able to turn up by the time the researching reaches its culmination. There is approximately fifty-five billion dollars unclaimed.  Well worth a bit of research on my part I think.....

     Back to my Grandparents ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

     My Granny and Papa had a Rolls Royce with a chauffeur.  Papa even had his own personal train as I said earlier. They lived an amazing lifestyle until Papa lost his high position during the Uprising and had to skedaddle.  At that point, he had to take his family out of India in a great hurry, and was only able to take part of their money with them. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

CLICK here for Chapter Two.{CHILDHOOD AND SIBLINGS} Continued in my book....

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~OR, Please click on 'books' and read some more chapters from this book.  As soon as my published autobiography becomes available, I will post the info in this site. A script is being written on my life, by my husband Victor, (Rocky) so we may see it turned into a movie. I shall keep you informed. ~~ February 5th 2017  ~~

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