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INTO THE LYONS DEN by Donni De-Ville ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ This appears to be a romantic novel, but it soon turns into a mystery thriller/horror story.



     Into The Lyons Den, is an absorbing tale based on many true, but slightly exaggerated life events and characters. This story will affect men, women, gays and the transgendered folk. Biases against those  who need to 'find themselves'  and who are  genuinely born in the wrong body, will soon disappear. One character in the book easily proves to be more human than many of us think we are. This person touches inner feelings not easily admitted to, but the reader will identify with much of what they read.

      The story was written long before transgendering became the vogue and at a time when it was serious business, full of emotional pain and huge, irreversible decisions. But the story is far more than that....  If a reader is good at guessing 'who dun it' I can wager they will not be able to guess who the serial killer is. I give clues, for and against, but the reader deserves a prize if they can work out who the killer turns out to be.

     The main character, Viv, at 35 years old, searches for love and to put painful memories out of her mind. 
Her search turns into a huge change of pace from her previously mundane life working in a London office.  Instead the dating agency brings excitement, danger and heartbreak. 

      A compelling tale enacted around the Lyons Dating Agency, which is the backdrop for heart-wrenching adventures and more love than she can deal with. Morals are an issue, along with the dilemma of hurting many, including herself.

     Viv encounters a baron....lover/s....transgendered hero(ine) detectives, violence, murders, emotional turmoil and a serial killer who travels throughout Europe committing many, evil deeds.  There are strong emotional story-lines all the way through which help the reader bond with the 3D characters. 
Fast moving, compassionate and racy: a semi-soft, erotic mystery/thriller that is almost impossible to put down.

       The story is nerve-wracking in places, whilst extremely emotional in others.  Intrigue keeps the reader on edge and turning the pages.  There are many unexpected twists and each chapter ends with a cliff-hanger.  This book is unlike any you would have read before and it will feel as if you are watching it on television or at a movie!  The ending does not disappoint the reader and the story will never be forgotten.

A must-read for all fans of thriller/mysteries or anyone hungry for something unique and exciting.

By: Donni De-Ville

~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

©2005. The copyright in this compilation is owned by Donni-Jay De-Ville Entertainment & Publishing Company, Inc. All rights of the author and owner of this work are reserved. Unauthorized copying, hiring, renting, public performance and broadcasting of this record is prohibited and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.



 {Synopsis updated 7th July 2018}

  I am Donni De-Ville (née Eden-Wynn) and I come from a Colonial background with an ancestral home. My family is directly descended from Sir John Wynn who owned the Gwydir Castle, in Llanrwst, North Wales in the seventeenth century. 

   Gwydir Castle Courtyard.jpg Gwydir Castle Lit Up @ Night.jpg  Gwydir Castle Grounds.jpg 



     My story will probably have to be in two parts due to the manuscript being up to the age of 25yrs, when I was kidnapped and already it is the size of a book. It might even need to be a trilogy and that is very rare for an autobiography. Most people have to try and find things to put in to fatten out the book, it looks as if I have to leave a good amount of my life out of it. Throughout the story, I hope to show that no one 'owes' us anything and if we don't stay optimistic and open to love, we will miss some amazing lessons. After all, this is why we are here.  We should all make the most out of ourselves and life to get through the difficult times, somehow.  Even though we sometimes get taken in by rogues, or the system, we should always have hope. Yes, even in today's world. If all life is considered precious and as a bonus when there is happiness, we can understand that upset and grief too, are transient. Just enjoy the best when it happens and stay strong in grief and sadness to help the spirit become even more strengthened.  

        Although the state of our health can get us down and make us want to give up, we have to cope, attempting to make the most constructive, creative use of the time, when we can. Life is short anyway, so if it becomes hell, it will not be for too long, so concentrate on the blessings we have and try to feel content. As the saying goes and it's so true, there is always someone worse off, but that knowledge doesn't stop the pain, whatever it is from. My own darling younger brother, in London, is facing a very painful end and is on oral morphine. We video Skype daily. He has a wonderful partner helping him, thank goodness and he has so far outlasted many grim assessments of the end. They have so much spiritual strength together and an amazing amount of love to keep them going, and we still hope for a miracle. They do happen!

          My life and its emotional roller coaster ride will have been worth it, if my story gives strength to person by hearing how it was possible for another to get through some similar bad situation. We need to accept how precious life is, even if it is not of a high standard. If we are lucky enough to have just one person who truly loves us, we are VERY lucky indeed. If we are totally alone, I suggest finding somewhere you can volunteer to help chosen organisations with their charity work. Even helping in a hospice as emotional as that can be, can make you feel worthwhile, as there will be people there needing company who are totally alone at a time when NO-ONE should be alone. Most of those patients will need a kind person to help see them through this final, emotionally traumatic time. To pray with them, or offer spiritual advice and comfort.

I wish you all the best life has to offer and peace of mind.

The full synopsis is now posted here:


       I came from a wealthy Colonial family, but due to a far too-strict upbringing and a cruel father, ran away from home at 17 years, when I first discovered how the other half lived, or almost did not. I then trained as a nurse, but after leaving, began the type of life that might have driven some people crazy. Filled with emotional non-stop action, trauma, disasters, illnesses, emergency operations, serious illnesses, (and not only mine) guilt, grief, loss, many escapes, 114 house moves up to date, divorces, being blamed for things I never did, but sometimes had to lay claim to and suffering the inevitable consequences.

           During these times, I still managed to continue my showbiz career, as a freelance professional dancer for 7 years, being resident in one club for four years, sharing the same manager as one of the top UK Bands, XTC, and appearing occasionally on television and working in adverts. I then became a singer, also playing guitar with various bands with a repertoire covering most genres of songs for many years. Signed with Universal Artists in London and having some success as a songwriter. Everything was self-taught or natural to me.

       I moved house one hundred and fourteen times and there is a story attached to each one. The reasons I kept moving were mostly were to avoid men who stalked me once they knew me, or who recognised me as a dancer and became too insistent trying to know me better, or due to my appearances in local newspapers, which gave them the impression I did not deserve a private life. I also unwittingly became involved with the Soho Mafia gangsters, in London, UK, (through my uncle introducing me) when I was twenty-one years of age. As well as being privy to protection rackets, I witnessed a murder. No-one was stopping the victim’s blood flowing from a bullet wound and I was held back from trying to help the man because he was from a different ‘mobster gang!’ There were a few vital reasons I needed to escape from this unscrupulous way of life.

        I once met Prince Charles and Lady Di face to face on their side of the barrier standing on the carpet rolled out for them as they walked by me only a foot or two away. This mishap which I give more details of in the book, occurred at the Prince's Trust, at Hammersmith Palais, on the opening after a total refurbishment. My fiancée, was one of the architects who worked on the project, and we had been given an invitation.

         I have experienced many supernatural encounters, thankfully having a witness for some of these events. To talk of just two of them, the most frightening was demonic and the other a few years later, was very divine .....  I was not asleep for either of these, so it was not 'dream-like' visions. Later I under-went an  enforced exorcism performed by my ‘born again’ Christian doctor and two Pentecostal ministers who insisted I was possessed by the devil, and all because I was a professional dancer who wore skimpy costumes.  The story appeared on the front page of ‘The News of the World’ newspaper, June 4th 1978.  I actually heard the famous DJ Tony Prince, advertise my story on Radio Luxembourg! I have enjoyed popularity from being on-stage for many years, but have also been a hermit and an agoraphobic.

            I survived with my life on many occasions when I should have died.  I actually saw an angel in human form, (no wings) when he saved my sister and me, whilst travelling in my car when we were about to join a UK Motorway. We were in a 2-door car, and the 'angel' appeared on the back seat.  Another car ordeal on the motorway, at high speed with a friend, was a near miss, when something in the engine went bang and smoke came into the car making me fight to gain control. There was a also a time-warp episode in the car. Some of these stories are in this website.

         Some years later, not long after my mother died, I miraculously survived a car crash that took two and a half hours for me to be cut out of and being rushed to hospital. My car, a Datsun 280ZX, targa turbo sports was incredibly strong and thus saved my life.  A car had crashed into my driver's door, pushing my car 35ft sideways.  That accident should have killed or at least paralyzed me, although I could hardly walk for two years and continued suffering back pain on walking for many years later, with some difficulty in breathing.

          I was also blown up in a gas explosion, (my fault) to only mention a few of my dangerous mishaps. There were two separate 'time-warps,' and both times I had a witness. Suffering grief on losing the battle to keep my two young daughters, and not wanting to live with the emotional pain, I unwittingly called up a demon goat. Then a few years later, while living in Earls Court, London, I amazingly had a divine 'physical' encounter and was given some terrific insights. Luckily, I had a friend with me who witnessed this divine entity, who I will identify in my book.

        Like many women it seems, especially in the business I was in, I had my share of rapes. I began lifting weights and learning  martial arts. I came upon many evil people, but I also met many kind-hearted and decent folk. My accomplishments along the way have been many, but the main one was surviving my unusual and potentially dangerous life for so many years. 

        As for my partners, if I became disappointed with them, (as living with someone is the only true way to find out what they are like) I was soon making plans to leave as I had no patience to hang around if I lost respect for someone. The freedom my spirit enjoyed could have led me into far more trouble, so I must have been protected.  Especially, with the amount of time spent in London, where I was born and which I have now found out, is the hub of evil.

      There were five husbands, among them, a black belt Akido martial artist, who seemed to be a charming man. But, on the first night of our honeymoon I found out he was a wine alcoholic. I was also to find out he was a vicious man, who I needed to escape from, whilst being 7 months pregnant with his unplanned baby and with my 4-year-old daughter. Instead of protecting me, the UK government took both of my children from me, as they did from many women back then in the 70’s.

        The 3rd husband, a successful businessman, is still a High Priest with his own coven. I had a legal and a witch’s wedding with him.

       The 4th husband was a very muscular man called Paul Bruce, who was an S.A.S assassin in the British Army in one of their Execution Squads. He was a brave man who on coming out had written a best seller about his ordered killings, in a book called ‘The Nemesis File.’ Sadly, the relationship was difficult, especially on my demanding we separate, when he changed into another personality on heavily drinking. The police had to be involved. 

        In between my marriages, I lived alone, sometimes for quite a few years, but I became engaged six times. With those relationships lasting around three years each. (One fiancée was murdered, stabbed through the heart shortly before we were to be married) 

       My American fifth husband, a power lifter, has lasted 14 years so it seems I have at last settled down! Many women cannot count the men they went out with, but I can, as I was engaged to all my boyfriends and married some of them.

      Each life choice was a total gamble, consisting of decisions between the worst of situations.  Futile attempts in trying to keep my two daughters, then the constant search for them, were the most painful situations for me.  Many risks did not pay off and I lived on the edge constantly making plans of escape. It seemed as if I became an adrenaline junkie but it was involuntary. I never completely lost hope or my love of entertaining people. Neither did I become bitter or paint everyone with the same brush.  However, it would have been beneficial on many occasions, if I had been more discerning. 

         My story probably will be in two parts due to the amount of non-stop action up to date.  If I leave bits out, the rest will only confuse the reader. I hope to point out that no one owes us anything.  We should all make the most of our lives and get through the difficult times, somehow.  Never to lose hope, even though we sometimes get taken in by rogues, or the system.  Even the state of our health can get us down and make us want to give up.  But, we need to have goals and be positive, attempting to learn from our life's lessons, being more careful the next time.

       My life and its tribulations would not have been in vain, if through my book I am able to help those who are going through their own personal hell.  Even as a mature person, there is still a chance for love and to feel content with life.  So long as you do not give up on yourself, dreams can come true, even if partially.  I want to get a band together again. Although my fourteen years here in America have seen injuries, operations and illnesses, such as migraines, which are still holding me back, I am optimistic on finding good health through holistic means.

       I have recently gone through more grief, having lost my two beloved Poms, at age 13 yrs and 10 yrs, within 3 months of each other, this year, 2018.  The grief could only be contained by finding another amazing tiny Pom, who immediately bonded with me, and has helped to heal my heartache. I am still content and optimistic, even though sadly am in the process of becoming divorced, for the fifth time, from a very good man due to life's pressures distancing us. I choose to think of my new future, even at this mature age, as exciting and an adventure that should find me in a great position to spend the rest of my years. Yes, even if they are to be alone, with my little Pom, who should be all I need. I can't deny I feel a bit anxious, but will concentrate on the new life journey I am about to embark on. 

      One great achievement was in having my novel; ‘Into the Lyons Den’ published in 2011 and NOT by a vanity publisher either, as most of those are just con-men, but through my own entertainment and publishing company which is on hold at the moment. 

       And now of course, with the evil in the world I am keeping an eye on it, researching when possible and believing there is going to be tremendous improvement. The evil had to amount to this degree I suppose, before it could begin to be eliminated. There is so much to learn spiritually, and I don't mean the New Age stuff either! I hope to share what I've learned and how to bring calmness into the mind to create our own realities. 

        If my autobiography is finished by the end of this year, 2018, I hope it will end on a very good note! Not only for me, but for great improvement and healing of Mother Earth and humanity.

{CLICK here to continue with CHAPTER ONE}

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