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We published my novel through our company, registered in June 2004, in Chicago, United States of America. I hoped to get a lot more done, but ill health has dogged me. However, I am still optimistic, and although the world has turned upside down with injustice and insanity everywhere, If we pull through this, I shall pursue my goals. Meanwhile, I make informative comments in social media, GAB.ai which I love, and some on Twitter, but not FaceBook, which I left years ago.

                                    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Understandably, I wanted out of England, (it will be understood why when I post the full synopsis) to escape from the vivid memories of heartache, and to literally leave it all behind. The ex-husband's too! Form over in America I managed to organise for some furniture, musical equipment and possessions to be sent from the UK across to America.

Rocky and I became friends after meeting on the internet. Although very scared of flying, I came to the USA, to arrive at O'Hare airport, Chicago.  I was so excited about being in this amazing country. That was, until customs officials took me away for questioning, to eventually release me three hours later.  I have written the complete story about that day when they happened to have a huge security crackdown. (It is in my short stories on this site.) It was a terrible welcome to America. (The title of my story)

The year spent in South Loop, Chicago was wonderfully exciting. This made it the one hundredth and twelfth (112) time of my moving home. (I'm on 115 at the mo.)

Our plan to launch our business quickly made it necessary to move near Nashville, Tennessee.  We bought a gorgeous, large ranch style home, with the privacy of land all around us.  This move was to make it easier to sell my songs, throw parties and to meet influential music people.  We intended coming back to Chicago, when we had accomplished all we needed to do, as Nashville is a bit of a Satanic place we found out. After five years, we got out. There is even more to my story since coming to America!!

My story will probably have to be in two parts due to me being up to the age of 25yrs, and it is the size of a book already. It might even be a trilogy, and that is very rare for an autobiography. Most people have to try and find things to put in to fatten out the book, it looks as if I have to leave a good amount of my life out of it. Throughout the story, I hope to show that no one 'owes' us anything.  We should all make the most out of life and get through the difficult times, somehow.  Even though we sometimes get taken in by rogues, or the system, we should always have hope. Yes, even in today's world.  Although the state of our health can get us down and make us want to give up, we have to cope and try again, attempting to be more careful the next time. Life is short anyway, so if it becomes hell, it will not be for too long, so concentrate on the blessings we have and feel content. As the saying goes and it's so true, there is always someone worse off.

          My life and its tribulations would not have been in vain, if through my book I am able to help someone who is going through their own hell and needs to hear how another person managed to keep going.  I can prove  if one has the willpower not to give up, and to accept how precious life if, even if it is not of a high standard. If we are lucky enough to have just one person who truly loves us, we are VERY lucky indeed. If we are totally alone, I suggest finding somewhere you can volunteer to help those who are worse off than you. Even helping in a hospice. As emotional as that can be, there will be people needing company who are totally alone at a time when NO-ONE should be alone. I wish you all the best life has to offer and peace of mind.

                                                     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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