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Buy Now! Great as a gift!   
Buy Now! Great as a gift!

'Into The Lyons Den' is a work that took over a decade to complete, as this occurred in between house moves and divorcing husbands!  Much of it is based upon situations, individual friends and acquaintances taken from real life, but the story is mostly exaggerated. 

The first few chapters introduce the main character, Viv, and give an insight as to why the events which happened to her in the past, have such relevance to the middle and end of the story. It is a book full of adventure and mystery with numerous twists and turns. If the reader feels they have un-ravelled the ‘key’ clue, as to the identity of the serial killer, or who Viv ends up with, the plot takes you for another roller-coaster ride.  Not much is as it seems, or goes where it appears to be headed.  Readers have said this is what makes the story such fun and so hard to put down. It picks up speed and action, without the clutter of ‘filler-wallpaper’ writing. The unexpected ending does not disappoint. 

The paperback, published February 2011 has 442 vellum quality pages and so gives twice as much reading value than most of the paperbacks which are published. The paperback and Kindle version are available from Amazon USA, and Amazon UK. The Novel is also available from this site.

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There will soon be a compilation of short stories, my autobiography, and booklets on the poisons in our food and drink. Other non-fiction and self-help eBook downloads can appear at any time. If you send me a message, I can save your details and make sure you know when something you are interested in, will be available. 

I have not been in good health recently, but shall try my best to finish the last part of my autobiography. The book will need to be in two parts as I have completed up to the age of 25 years of age, when I was kidnapped. It is the size of a book already and yet, so much more to tell.  

Donni-Jay De-Ville

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Buy Now! Great as a gift!