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I have heard that Imus has done a great deal of work for charities, although he does not look like a particularly nice man to me, you just have to look at his face to see that. But, he should have known better than to say the comment he did. His apology was not worth the giving either, as nobody cared. He might as well have stuck by his comments, declaring that black people get away with far worse than that, so why not him? This said, it has all been taken completely out of proportion, because he is white. AND, if not, why are the others, black comedians and rappers, who appear very much to be constantly racist, not reprimanded?

Double standards for sure! Some black people are rude all the time, and very insulting, even to each other. They may think it's natural from each other,and even towards other races, but white people cannot get away with anything near. And, I hope would not want to! Jokes and insults against white folk are accepted, but WHY? WHY? WHY?

And, it blew over quite well with Mel Gibson. But, he didn't insult the blacks did he? It was only the Jews. How dare there be double standards! Mel did far worse damage than Imus. It seems those who are so-called loved, by the general public are let off easily. Especially, if they are white.

And, Oprah answered a reporter's question, by saying she did not have to do anything for white children. WHY NOT? WHY was that kept quiet? It should have been all over the news! Is it because she is popular, and everyone wants to suck up to her? Oprah is only all about Oprah, and she makes sure it is known if she does anything for anyone else. But, they are usually black.
 Why is she not hounded like Imus? Because she can pay people off, and stop any trouble starting? Because she can ruin people? Because people are frightened by the power she has, by being outrageously rich? Anyone that rich, does not help charities enough. And, Denzil Washington stated he would never kiss a white woman. Well, that is supposed to be acting isn't it? He is prejudiced. If a white actor said that about a black woman, he would have been ruined!

I am sick of the language and attitudes which are acceptable from a certain kind of disrespectful black people. Chris Rock included. This has to stop, as it will continue to cause uneccessary riffs between the races. And, we all know there are many lovely black people who are ashamed of those who make them all look bad.

Why is this kind of thing happening in America? There are bad apples in every race, but they should NOT be allowed to be seen to be accepted. Why is there no decent, sensible voice out there? SingingConfused

Donni De-Ville

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