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Interesting or comical pictures

Some of my favourites. They either make me think or make me laugh! Hope you enjoy them too.
Click on the image to view a larger picture and description.
  Two Babies in an Incubator.
Lovely story to this pic and worth reading.
Two Babies in an Incubator. Picture
  Baby sleeping on a sleeping Dog.
Such serenity is hard to find.
Baby sleeping on a sleeping Dog. Picture
  Mr Bean (UK Comedian)
He was in a popular long running television series.
Mr Bean (UK Comedian) Picture
  Tresspassers will be Prosecuted
I thought this was great as a screen saver!
Tresspassers will be Prosecuted Picture
  Bison's head in a car window.
I hope there was no one in the car. Would have been scary!
Bison's head in a car window. Picture
  A Redneck's Home.
What better way to put burglers off?
A Redneck's Home. Picture
  A Chihuahua's courage can be bigger than him.
Big enough bowl for him to bathe in.
A Chihuahua's courage can be bigger than him. Picture
  Kitten held up at gunpoint.
Now why would someone want to do this?
Kitten held up at gunpoint. Picture
  Not a pretty dog at all!
Are those really his own teeth?
Not a pretty dog at all! Picture
  Redneck car alarm.
Won't be much paintwork left undamaged having this security.
Redneck car alarm. Picture
  Redneck house alarm.
The dogs look too lethargic to stop any burgler!
Redneck house alarm. Picture
  Redneck motor home.
Luxorious home for the average Redneck.
Redneck motor home. Picture
  Baby Redneck.
This baby's teeth have grown up before he has!
Baby Redneck. Picture
  Rottweiler pups.
A happy bootful of babies.
Rottweiler pups. Picture
  Cats do love water!
This cat is a champion swimmer.
Cats do love water! Picture

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