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March 2006 pics

A mish mash!
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  Enjoying the sun!

Enjoying the sun! Picture

  Taking chewing gum out!

Taking chewing gum out! Picture
  Howdy yall!

Howdy yall! Picture
  Just lovin it!

Just lovin it! Picture
  I've got strong arms!

I've got strong arms! Picture
  Cool skirt from the UK

Cool skirt from the UK Picture
  I feel cheeky as hell!

I feel cheeky as hell! Picture
  Spectacles on!

Spectacles on! Picture
  Designer Chicago sunglasses

Designer Chicago sunglasses Picture
  Love our deck for sun-bathing

Love our deck for sun-bathing Picture
  Me serious for a change!

Me serious for a change! Picture
  Sun in my eyes.

Sun in my eyes. Picture

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