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Although I have been unwell for many years with an unstabilized under-active thyroid, I have kept going the best I can. Usually, I have an amazing amount of energy, in small bursts, but even that has gradually diminished, now leaving me totally fatigued. It has cost me a great deal, in paying for hospital tests, MRI scans, and many other medical tests, also in wasting so much precious time. This condition, only just found out is, 'severe hormone imbalance.' This has caused me to waste so much valuable time, through my lack of energy and feeling so rotten every day. Also, it causes intense frustration in not being able to get on with work, or accomplish anything. Due also, to not knowing when I would feel particularly bad, it has been impossible to commit myself to anything or anyone.

This is also the reason I do not have my band together, and CD's ready for sale in this website, or my paperback out as yet. All of these things should have been achieved by now. I am very sad that they have not. But, the good news is that I have just found a doctor who studies all the latest in tests, and treats the cause of the symptoms, instead of just the illness with expensive pills and more pills.

I shall be adding an article in here, in the near future, about all I have gone through and how useless the general practitioners can be. They are all money oriented now, and can actually cause more illnesses through the side-effects of the pills they dish out. I am very angry about this situation and hope to help many who are going through life, living it less fully than they normally would. And all because of 'doctors' who do not really care about making patients better. They DO NOT hold to their oath of doing all they can to help alleviate suffering. They literally run their surgeries as a business and you are just a  number.

The under-active thyroid was the first illness to hit me when I was around 36 yrs of age. (Not including those health problems which were curable or operated on. Although I did have a hysterectomy at age 28, in 1978) It seems the medication which most patients are given, either Thyroxine or Synthroid is not as good as the original, Armour, which was widely used years ago. Synthroid (which has very little T3 in it), and Thyroxine, (with no T3 in it), do not give the T3, which is most necessary and not made by the body when the thyroid does not work properly, or at all. Leaving this hormone out can make a person continue to feel below par, even with the medications.

So, over the years my hormone balance has become critical, and even the expensive endocrinologist I went to see, did not have any idea of all this. It is amazing isn't it? He suggested taking the medication up and down, according to my weight, until a balance was found where I was comfortable. So, my thyroid meds went up and down, and there was not much concern when my health had not returned. Since recently being put onto the Armour, there has been a great improvement, especially in not losing my hair!

This hormone decline starts at thirty, but after the age of forty, all these hormone drop in levels, normally hits a woman, making her moody and just not feeling right. Later, the menopause, which then causes the extra hormone problem of not having the right amount of estrogens, as well as progesterone to balance it, with the correct levels for thyroid management, makes matters even worse and is ignored.

I will not get into the results of my tests here, but, suffice to say, these hormones are out of whack, a person can feel as if they are dying. I should know! And the guilt of not actually having anything diagnosed as a condition, causes more stress. Hormones play the biggest part in wellness. When some levels are low, and some are high, fatigue, mood swings, anxiety and just plain feeling so unwell that it is so hard to push on and live a normal life, can make everyone feel miserable. Nothing is enjoyable as it takes too much energy. It made me become a virtual hermit and not able to finish anything I started to do. Not like me at all!

This is a state that can be sorted out if the doctor cares enough to study up on the latest breakthroughs in medicine. There is a special test, which used to be a most dreadful one. It is a test for cortisol levels,  when a person used to be sent to the hospital and put on drips. But, that was a dangerous test as it made a person feels so rotten, as the medical staff take the body cortisol right down to the extent of near collapse, and then raise the cortisol levels slowly. Women I have spoken to, say this is the most dreadful test to have. I understand doctors being reluctant to send patients for this one.

But, it is now very simple with just a saliva test, for cortisol levels, although it is still 'alternative.' It is the test to see if the adrenals are working properly or not, and at the same time, tests can be made for the other hormone levels too. I have been so lucky to have found the only doctor in my area of Tennessee, who will do this saliva test and who also knows what to do to correct ALL the imbalances found, along with the help of the very important 'compounder.' This is a pharmacist who compounds his own ratios of drugs to totally personalize it for the patient. The compounder is the right hand man for the doctor, and together they work out the best levels of drugs for bringing all the hormones into the proper range.  

Through this saliva test, it was found that some of my hormone levels were critical, both ranges, far too low and much too high for another. This doctor knew I had been pushing myself just to get through the day, and he consoled me by saying between him and a pharmacist who made up personalized medications, I would become well again. Although after a brief weird time of re-adjustment.. Of course I did not mind at all, just as long as I was going to have better health and be able to get on with all my exciting projects.

My new doctor is a bit of a scientist and an incredible person who really wants to help his patients, not just take their money each time they visit and hand them more pills. And, his right hand man,  the pharmacist compounder (not the same as a normal pharmacist), I was sent to by my doctor, was so much like him too. The are both, wonderful, caring, people who communicate brilliantly. They both took the time to explain it all in detail to me, so that I could really understand. How refreshing this was! Both these men helped me understand exactly why all the hormone levels need to be at the correct level. It is so necessary for health. Without the help of men such as these, my life would be more or less over.

Well, it looks as if, after a short re-adjustment time, in which I am supposed to feel ill in a slightly different way, my good health will be back. It should happen within two months. I am very happy about this situation and feel so good about having a doctor who REALLY cares for a change! Some doctors appear to be kind and charming, but if you are still feeling ill, something is wrong, and he is not doing something right. Eliminating everything else first, with expensive medical tests, is not the way as this caused the patient financial problems on top of all the other ones.

My new doctor is in the minority, and compounders are relatively rare too. I will happily share their names with anyone who asks me. I can be contacted through this website. It is well worth travelling to get good health. I may be able to find out through my doctor, if there is anyone else who can help in your area. A doctor who treats patients the same way as mine treats me. Just because you are approaching, or are in middle age or beyond, does not mean you ought to be feeling ill.

Have you been feeling unwell for a long time, fatigued, but unable to sleep properly and become refreshed? Are you also not the way you know you should be, unable to improve with or without your doctor's help? Are you not able to concentrate or stop mood swings and feelings of anxiety? Does all this make you feel desperately distressed? If you are a woman over the age of forty, with or without a thyroid condition, you could be suffering from hormone imbalance. When menopause hits you, you will feel twice as bad.

The words, 'hormone imbalance' do not sound like much, but those who have this condition, will not be enjoying life the way they should. They will be having a struggle going from day to day, and feel like just giving up. It is not one of the terrible terminal illnesses, but, it is infuriating to feel so rotten, without seemingly having a reason for it. Or, anything to help you feel better. Painkillers do not solve the problem.

This horrible, debilitating condition can be treated and controlled easily, and with natural medications made up especially with the help of the kind of doctor I now have. His invaluable helper, the pharmacist 'compounder,' (to remind you, he is a pharmacist who customizes drugs just for your exact needs) makes up the amazing duo that can give you your life back. Make you live it to the full and enjoy each day achieving all you want to get done. And, the other good news is, this is all far less expensive than the normal prescriptions given to you.

All you need is a fully qualified doctor who is also an alternative one, up to date on the latest medical tests and treatments. Not forgetting his important buddy, the compounder. Together, these people create magic and a way for us to live a full and happy life again. For me, it is better late than never and I shall make up for lost time. 

Doctors are not the ‘gods’ they were once thought of. They make many mistakes, and of course are only human. But, some have been in practise for so long they no longer want to learn anything new, and are far too complacent. Or some doctors may have too many patients on their lists to have the time to study new methods. And, then there are the G.P’s who just do not ‘believe’ in hormone replacement, let alone know how badly incorrect levels can affect their patients. No patient should accept being ill, if there is no proven illness. Men can feel ill too, if there is a hormone imbalance. It can affect anyone and should not be tolerated. Life is for living, and you must do you own research if need be. Nowadays, there are many health websites, monitored by nurses and doctors. You can even email some of them with your questions.

Belong to as many health websites as possible to find out all you can about your symptoms. About treatments that have worked and have not. Read the forums, and even post your own comments. Gather as much information as possible, then go to your doctor with your research and ask to be sent for the appropriate tests. If he tries to put you off, insist. Or, better still, find a lab near to you, where they charge reasonably for various tests. (There are labs which charge a far lower fee than the places you doctor will send you. Search on the internet.) Then armed with the results, (maybe go online to discuss these results with knowledgeable people on there) go to your doctor to be treated. If you still feel dissatisfied, phone around for a new doctor. Usually, the receptionist can tell you what the doctor specializes in, and even the disposition of the doctor. If the receptionist sounds caring, instead of just efficient and rushed, the doctor should be as good.

But, I emphasize again, do not underestimate the hormone levels. It makes the difference between living and existing. Be happy and healthy, take your well-being in your own hands and insist on good health. After all, that is supposed to be why doctors trained to be doctors. If they seem to only be content with chatting and listening rather than acting like medical detectives, you should move on and find a doctor you are happy with.

A doctor who really tries to make you as healthy as you should be, is worth his weight in gold.

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