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It is hard to see what is within,
It all depends on where one has been.
Where you are going and that is not all,
To help other spirits to answer their call.
What good we do, might not be seen,
It's best we keep pure, and not at all mean.
But to only help ourselves in this world,
Is to do nothing except, look like a pearl.

A pearl has a beautiful unspoken beauty,
It can have everyone in awe.
We, as humans can't just look good,
And think nothing of the hurt of brotherhood.
When others can smile, through something we've done
That is your worth and your war won!
But, in life the proof comes for how many cry,
When your time comes, and it's your turn to die!

By Donni-Jay De-Ville          (Jan/10/07)

Copyright ©2015 Donni-Jay De-Ville Entertainment and Publishing Company and its licensors