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The UK 'Maestro' Del Clegg is coming to Nashville!

I was thrilled when in a telephone conversation, Del agreed to come and visit. He can stay ten days only, but will make good use of his time. Carol Ann, our country music reviewer and member of "The Country Vixens," will be taking us to the good spots in Nashville, where Del can perform. He certainly would be appreciated at 'The Ole Opry.' I hope to guest with him some of the time.
Back at our home, Del will be recording songs with me, some originals and some classic country and blues. We will burn CD's and then sell them on my website. We shall have some MP3's to give you an idea of our performances.

There are some MP3's on the music page, featuring the 'Maestro,' so you can get a feel for his playing. He is one of the finest 'pickers' on acoustic guitar and pretty good on the banjo too. Why don't you take a listen to him?

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