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Donni's Originals.  The Rollin' Clones.  Del Clegg - The "Maestro."  Roy the "Piano Man."  80s Pop  

The website for our band is under construction. More info on this soon!

    Donni's Music and MP3s  Sony RecordsJust a rough idea for now, with unfinished songs. 

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In the new year we will have the Bio's and info on the musician's, including pictures, videos of our performances, and MP3 sound bites. We have a pocket drummer in Rocky De-Ville, (my hubby) who really works his big bass drum!  I am also the female lead vocalist, with five octave range, (doubling up on harmonies) playing percussive rhythm guitar which is nothing like the usual strumpty strum, as many female guitarists seem to play. I am ~ Mama De-Ville! ~♫ ♪♫ ♪ 

UPDATE: 10th December 2011

I HAVE OVER 40+ ORIGINAL SONGS TO RECORD and Rocky (especially writes humorous songs) and I enjoy song-writing, so there should be many more coming up and we will make high quality recordings of the songs and put out the Albums/CD's for sale/download........

The music we choose to play is exciting, has a good melody (story too) and the lyrics are heard! We do not have to fight the music to be heard either! Our originals are reminiscent of the better classics from the past. Oh yes, they are that good! Back in those days, the better songs had hooks, good melody lines and most important, meaningful lyrics and some great harmonies. They stuck in the listeners brain and were hummable! LOL! We aim to keep up this standard in every song we perform.

♫ ♪♫ ♪♫ ♪

This type of 'good' music, includes songs from the 50's, onwards, including the best of British pop and some really good country songs. Of course, as I am British, although proud to be a citizen of America now.  We will be covering some Ella Fitzgerald/Peggy Lee - Jazz, Doo Wop, Blues Brothers/Commitments - Blues/Soul. Muddy Waters/Otis Redding/Wilson Pickett/Laverne Baker/Arthur Conley, (you get the message!) We love many genres, but only the best from them all. Dire Straits and Creedance Clearwater Revival, so will be performing some of their greats too. Oh, and the early Stones music, when they had Jimmy Reed as their idol. The early Stones were raw and had such a natural feel to the songs, perhaps some of the catchy Beatles songs.

The Mama De-Ville Band, will have distinctive vocals and harmonies and can be well heard! Harmonies are a huge factor in the band and along with our recognizable, unique driving beat will look out for musicians who can truly blend. Initially, we shall probably need 'hired guns' for stage appearances, special events, and perhaps for videos too, as it is so difficult to find musicians who fit in with complete reliability and commitment. (We will always hope that the musos we need will appear, and they mainly need to have 'feel' and tremendous personalities!)

We will be playing music that is not normally heard any more. There is a huge entertainment void and many over the age of 40 and even many of the young ones, are bored with the music they are offered today. We are well aware that we will have to plough money into this, for television ads, posters, even giving CD's away with a few songs to draw attention. Stories in local newspapers and the use of a high percentage of royalties from my books we sell. Fund-raising is our intention as regular donations are desperately needed, if we are going to really help with the animals. When the majority of people know we exist, they will vote with their feet and the word will go around. This band is all about needy causes and preventing cruelty. 
♫ ♪♫ ♪

Meanwhile, we are on the look-out for a soulful saxophonist, able to sing, who lives near enough us in the suburbs of Chicago, and we need a pianist with the feel of Fats Domino, Little Richard, Jerry Lee... Bluesy and boogie feel! We are not desperate to play out until our plan comes to fruition. The least amount of work for the most lucrative fees will mean we are freer to get more projects finished or ready. Hopefully, like us, these other musicians will already be financially stable and young enough in mind, to be ready for a hell of a lot of fun! Contact me through this site if interested!

Getting back to this website, there will be much to entertain you including our professional forum, (available for use now) where discussions of all kinds can take place. You are most welcome to become a regular in this here club!

Thanks for your patience,
Donni De-Ville.Red lips

I perform and like Blues, Country ballads, {Not the type that put people to sleep, or make them suicidal} Country/Southern rock, Rockabilly, Soul, Jazz, Reggae and of course, Rock & Roll. I am interested in promoting these styles of music also. 

Our aim is to be fair in this game which is unusual, and perhaps unprecedented. The goal is to launch new talent, NOT to exploit it. It is also to produce entertainment for a market that is not being catered for. The music industry is keeping so many talented people out,  just because of their mature age. Some of these entertainers have so much to offer and I will do my best to see they are not wasted. That is why my company was created in 2004 in the USA.
Those who are in with us from the beginning, including sponsors, and certainly those who impress us, will be considered for recording contracts. This website has been launched worldwide and we are making connections with television and radio in the US and UK. 

I may, or may not take off big here in the States, but my aim is in making sure those with real talent are not left by the roadside. Working within my company, promoting others and finding more fund-raisers, is my main ambition and delight. 

Please contact me through the site email,

or click here; www.donnideville.com/contact.aspx 

Tell us about your musical experiences and information about yourself, also including a recent pic. I guarantee to personally evaluate all material and will respond to all submissions. All we ask is that you send good quality productions and do your best at representing yourselves. Please send pics that show you have some kind of an image. 

If you are successful, you will be invited to send your work for sale and photos you feel relevant. We shall then negotiate with you on a totally different level than is the norm.

Please keep visiting my site for updates.

 Thank you!

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Donni De-Ville

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Donni's Originals.
The Rollin' Clones.
Del Clegg - The "Maestro."
Roy the "Piano Man."
80s Pop