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The TRUTH lady, Elissa, 20th September 2017 Hurricane Maria, San Juan 


VERY eye opening, to see they are doing genocide in front of our eyes. The Puerto Rica people are victims! If this is not stopped, if the Dark State murderers are not taken out now, they will sweep over the world very easily and quickly. The killing will be feeding the negative prana making it so strong and help them in this grisly work.

<<< https://youtu.be/-SBH42xAoQE

Fake Hurricane Maria sold for depopulation in Peurto Rico

The reporter said he stood in 120 winds as he spoke to us. NO WAY was it that high. Probably 60mph...

This was proof from earlier on: https://youtu.be/dIjyw5sj7cQ

Officials say "EVACUATE or DIE" this is terrorism and truth matters. Absolute terrorism, as there is NOWHERE for these people to go. 

The local radar stations were blocked and being censored but couldn't hide all the proof.

Alfred, if the killers are not stopped it will come at speed for all of us. There is NOTHING stopping it. They must be laughing their heads off!

What now?

Dr James McCanney was talking again on Infowars, where he is discussing weather manipulation in full! SO MANY people have learned about this now, and it looks like if the patriots don't take matters into their own hands, the genocide will take up speed and perhaps we should not be wasting time on anything else now. ??

 This info to go under a health tab. No time to sort it out with what is going on today.

           I have had a busy and difficult few years, due to pain in my left wrist. Eventually,  my hubby talked me into seeing an orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Shiffman. He is also listed in the top five surgeons with his skill. Luckily, we live just a few roads away from the hospital and clinic, and after 6 years of pain, finally had a cure. A piece of my ulna bone was cut out and a metal plate with 7 screws clamped over it. Evidently, my ulna was longer than it should be and was making a hole in my wrist tendon! After the op I had to be careful and had a cloth metal bar cast over wrist and forearm to stop me from occidentally damaging the surgical work done.

          I was able to play guitar for a few minutes at a time. I did what I could on my FaceBook 'Animal Advocacy' group (which I am extremely serious about). 10 months later, October this year, 2011, I still had trouble weight training as a muscle or tendon, in that area was pulling the plate over. I enjoyed living in our large home, but needed to get on with our projects. So I persuaded the surgeon to remove the metal plate (before the year was up) and am healing well. I shall soon get my normal energy back and start finding the best places to perform. AND, of course catch up with my other work, marketing my book properly (in many public places) and get my CD out there. Also, there is so much to do in this website, updating, adding important interesting articles, photos and topical postings.

Hopefully, the pictures will be here within a few months, so please check back.

Donni-Jay's First Pomeranian :- 

      ChingDonni.jpg                                       Chingpic.jpg 

          I had my first wonderful Pomeranian, Ching, when I lived in the UK. I brought her over to the States with me and she was having liver problems so lasted around 6 months after that. We were together for 14 years, and I still miss her very much! Read the story all about Ching in the 'short stories' in here; Ching the Big Tiny Dog! She was practically human! 

                                           ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


Graphic cruelty picture done to a puppy is below. All because a stupid moron who had his beer spilled by a playful puppy! If people do not know about how BAD some folk can be, we will never make it stop! This way, together, we/they stand a chance because of our love for animals.

In the Menu bar I have News:Old & Current. Most of the info will be topical, although I will have a bit of sense and not state how I feel politically, as 'Big Brother' is not the type of attention I want to arouse. BUT, as I am so against cruelty, to animals and people, I will be writing on some of that. Also, I might have some graphic pics of the atrocities that sub-humans inflict on innocents! But, this is to inform you of what is in our midst, and although you may cry to begin with, soon your anger against these 'bad' people might help you to fight for justice and rights for animals!

They cannot help themselves, it is up to us. If you want to join me on FaceBook, my link there is; www.facebook.com/donni.deville  I created the group; Abused Animals ~ Help Us? Find more info when you are in the site. The ONLY way to stop these moron sub-humans is for us to fight for the animals. We cannot turn our faces away and pretend atrocities are not going on, for they darn well are! Those innocents NEED YOU!

T HIS IS THE TYPE OF THING I MEAN! The News: Old & Current is where you will see more of this, and also find out how you can help to make it better! Please be brave, do not turn away or pretend it is not happening, or the suffering will continue!
Cut with a chainsaw because the puppy spilled the owner's beer!


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