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This story will affect men, women and gays alike. Touching inner feelings not openly admitted to, not even to you! Viv, 35 years old, searching for love, found the dating agency brought excitement, danger and heartbreak instead. The ending does not let the reader down and the story will never be forgotten. Fast moving, compassionate and racy! This is semi-soft erotic, mystery, thriller novel that is impossible to put down. A very absorbing story based on some true, slightly exaggerated, life events and characters.

A compelling story enacted around the Lyons Dating Agency, which is the backdrop for Viv, a lonely woman in search of her perfect partner and love. Instead, she encounters a baron, a lover, a transvestite, detectives, police, murders, a serial killer who travels throughout Europe. It was a huge change of pace from her mundane life, working in a London office. There is a very strong storyline all the way through the book.

Emotion, lust, romance, intrigue and death are part of the plot. The story is frightening in places and extremely sad in others. There are many twists which the reader does not expect and each chapter ends with a cliff-hangers. This story is unlike any you would ever have read anywhere and it will feel as if you are watching it on television or at a movie!

A must read for all fans of thrillers, and mysteries, with every chapter containing an unexpected turn of events, as does the ending, which could not be guessed at. This book is for anyone hungry for something new and exciting. The readers' appetites will be whetted from the very beginning of this adventure as they consume its contents as the main course for thrills, excitement and the unexpected.

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