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Into the Lyons Den

Fast, action-paced mystery thriller story for men & wome
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         Into the Lyons Den is an absorbing tale based on some true, slightly exaggerated, life events and characters. This story will affect men, women, gays and the transgendered folk. Biases against those born in the wrong body will soon disappear. One character in the book easily proves he is more human than many of us 'think we are.' She touches inner feelings not easily admitted to. 

         Viv, at 35 years old, searches for love but found the dating agency brought excitement, danger and heartbreak instead. Fast moving, compassionate and racy; a semi-soft, erotic mystery/thriller that is almost impossible to put down.

         A compelling tale enacted around the Lyons Dating Agency, which is the backdrop for Viv, a lonely woman in search of love with the perfect partner.  Instead, she encounters a baron ...... lover ......  transgendered hero/ine...... detectives ..... murders and a serial killer who travels throughout Europe committing his dirty deeds. For Viv, this is a huge change of pace from her previously mundane life working in a London office. There are strong emotional story-lines all the way through which help the reader bond with the characters.

        The story is frightening in places, whilst extremely sad in others. Intrigue and death are part of the plot. There are many unexpected twists and each chapter ends with a cliff-hanger. This book is unlike any you would have read before and it will feel as if you are watching it on television or at a movie! The ending does not disappoint the reader and the story will never be forgotten.

       A must read for all fans of thrillers and mysteries or for anyone hungry for something unique and exciting.


By Donni De-Ville


Size: 8 x 5 x 1
Color: Pink

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Model Number: Thriller, Murder & Mystery

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Jeff Bigger says...
The story, set in England and Spain in the 1980's centers around the book's heroine, a lady in her mid-30's, named Vivian. Beginning with a reminiscence about the past, we move quickly into the present with her decision to meet someone through a dating agency run by Daniel and Dandy Lyons. There she meets several men including the solid, stable Henry and the handsome, mysterious Baron von Eider. She becomes embroiled in a murder mystery while at the same time trying to sort out her feelings about the new men in her life. We are introduced to a whole host of characters who take on lives of their own. Some of them are very easy to get attached to. Including the flamboyant but savvy Detective Mayfield, poor, unfortunate Annabel and my favorite, courageous Harriet whose journey through life's ups and downs has left her wiser, though a little worse for wear, but not without hope. There are the criminal types, too; Alex and the enigmatic "El Diablo", who is the serial killer. The story takes more than a few unexpected turns and leads the reader to a thrilling and totally unanticipated conclusion. A great story and a real page-turner, I read it in three sittings and finished wanting more.

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