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Stories by Donni and Other Authors

Written back in the UK, when I had only heard Hillbilly 'speak' on television.

The Tornado Which Nearly Devastated Areas Near Our Home in Tennessee. (April 7th 2006)
We watched the tornado swirling fifty yards in front of our home!

TORNADO FEB 5th 2008

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The TRUE Story from a Woman soldier in Iraq
There is some swearing, as it is the uncensored letter from a person deeply hurting!

Ching the Big Tiny Dog! (R.I.P.) 1/3/05
Ching was such a tiny Pomeranian, with a huge heart and personality. She made everyone smile who saw her!

A Terrible Welcome To America - Part 1
Dreadful experience in the Customs & Immigration, Chicago.

A Terrible Welcome To America - Part 2
Story continued.

Jesus & Tony Bennett's Musician Sam Salter.
History from 1978, not news but Inspirational. An incredible event I experienced, never to be forgotten.

An ALIEN VISIT at my parents home?
This was not my first strange experience, but it may be very significant. There is a strong possibility that I was abducted. However, it is not something I dwell on.

A Journey By Car, Taken An Hour Away in Less Than a Minute!
A very frightening and unexplainable journey. Luckily, I had a friend with me as a witness or I would have thought I had gone mad.

An Unhealthy Encounter with a Chinese Shop
This story is to serve as a caution to all consumers. Beware of any Chinese shop assistants who tell you that something is 'flea!' While the offer may sound enticing at the time, nothing is 'flea.'

A British 'Fakir' Performs Gruesome Tricks. Old News item by Donni-Jay.
The horrific scene as I saw it when a teenager. I never understood how this could be allowed just for macbre audience viewing.

How to Survive in an Insane Society by Robert M Wilson.
This is well worth a read. Very humorous and so true!

Ganesha's Story by Victor Farrell.
A sad tale of a black short-haired Persian cat, who went missing. Victor's sister Carol, learned what had happened to him.

'Lucifer's Tail' by Victor Farrell
'Lucifer's Tail' is a belief of the author, Victor Farrell, and is an article rather than a story. He did much biblical research, plus read a variety of books, such as 'The Gods Of Eden', written by William Bramley, and Published by Avon, to formulate his conclusion. While others may not share his beliefs, they will be entertained by them.

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